I recently commissioned and am currently on my YO's course. I am unhappy with my choice of arm and feel i have made a mistake and should have gone with my other choice. I have in the past spoken to a young officer who transferred into my "other" corps and obviously went through a similar experience when leaving Sandhurst so i know that the option is there. I would be really grateful for any advice on the process of transferring, who i need to speak to and where i can get more information from.

Speak to your desk officer at MCM Div. Ensure you have a sensible argument first since he is under no remit to let you jump ship just because you don't get on with the rest of the YO's cse ... and remember that the real army is nothing like RMAS and the YO's cse so you could always just wait and see !
yeah I have spent some time with my unit so it's not that. My yo's course is a good laugh. Still pretty sure I want to transfer. Anyone know the process. I know I'll have an interview with other corps. Want to avoid speaking to adj just yet.
You'll need to speak to him sooner or later. My advice is he's in the best place to help, and to mentor you in your career.

What has changed your mind from the point at which you took the original decision?

You obviously find the idea of speaking to your Adjt about this a bit uncomfortable - perhaps chat through the reasoning with someone else who has a bit more experience first.

I wouldn't concern youself with the process too much - except that the first port of call for you is your unit Adjt as a couple of others have already said. And Ninja_Turtle is right - sooner or later you have to speak to the Adjt.
If you're in a Corps, perhaps there would be other Units within said Corps that you may prefer to join? That form of transfer at this stage of the game would be far easier to arrange and swifter too. Or is it that you don't feel any of the Troop Commanders' jobs would suit you? A little more information would be helpful for others to provide advice.

However, as has been iterated elsewhere in this thread; your Adjt will have to become involved at some stage. The earlier the better as (s)he will be able to advise you as to the best course of action and may even know of other Regts that are looking for folk through the good old G1 network!

Good luck, whichever side of the fence you come down on...

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