Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by macdonald792, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. hi im currently a vm in the reme but hate my trade. im looking for a new challenge and good prospects. im not mince so im sure i stand a chance with you boys and girls. can anyone give me any info about training and the general life of the int corps. cheers.
  2. [sensible] go to forum index and click on the recruiting / famil sticky [/sensible]

    [sarcastic] doing a quick bit of research & finding the right thread would have been a good start mate :) [/sarcastic]
  3. thanks for the pretty useles response i was looking for the views of a sensible type of guy. who could tell me the truth n not the propoganda. cheers fcuknuts.
  4. What corps are you looking to transfer to?
  5. i was lookin at the int corps i have checked the website but it doesnt give alot to what goes on, im really interested in finding what kind of life it is. what prospects there are etc from someone who has done it.
  6. Wah.
  7. ROTFLMAO - you'll be well suited dude LOL
  8. i gave you the benefit of the doubt just thought u were a bit slow lol, i walked right into that though, you guna give me some answers or am i talkin to some really bored individuals who just wana cause havoc.
  9. Oh I am slow, but I appear to have met my match today.

    I'd refer you to what CR said. Do you own a tuxedo?
  10. CR would never give you propaganda. He's not a sensible type of guy either. BUT, his advice was spot on. Post this in the stickies and you'll get your questions answered.

    As for the remainder of this thread, it's weapons free I'm afraid......
  11. i have checked it all if you boys really dont get what im sayin maybe i need the more intelligent rlc boys for advice, what ya think, i want personal views. obviously too hard for ya i guess. do ya own a playstation?
  12. barbgenius alert!
  13. I can't even be bothered to say anything.
  14. cheers guys, take care. lol
  15. fcukin sicknotes