As a Matlo (officer) at present I am quite put out of the state of the navy and its future, coupled with the fact that being at sea no longer appeals, and I dont really get chance to lead and 'make a dfference'. I want a job/career where I can actually feel I am doing something. Now i've looked in to transferring to the army and spoken briefly to the people who deal with the transfers and through careful consideration and examination of material i deduced that the RA would be my premier option to transfer into. I have however now come to a stand still, where do i go from here?
I was told I would not have to go through Sandhurst but could just join. Now this strikes me as odd as I have no Fieldcraft skills apart from the scouts and the basic stuff they taught me a Dartmouth. So to this end can anyone advise me on what courses etc I would need to attend and who would be the best person to contact in regards to transfer, also who to contact in regards to spending a few days with the RA to find out my basic knowledge gaps that I cannot discover through literature alone. Any help would make me very grateful.
Thats interesting, i wonder why i was told by the powers that be in the army that i wouldn't? Unless they meant i would only have to attend a shortened course?
There was an utterly (i.e RAF) Doris who went through RA YO's a while ago having failed flying training - and she didn't do RMAS (not the full 12 months anyway). If there is any present policy on inter-service movements it may be coloured by the experiences (good and bad) of retreading her. Or you could quote it to the Army and ask why there would appear to be a double standard.

It is all pretty flexible, I'm sure. The RA is a broad church and I was told t'other day that there is a regular officer serving who didn't even do the 12 months at Sandhurst but the TA version. Not a million miles from the RA Hunt. Is this true?
Ok The current policy is that all potential transfers from outside the Army will go to the Army Officer Selection Board at Westbury. There, they will be interviewed by the President of the Board who will make a recommendation as to whether or not a spell at Sandhurst is required.

Occasionally due to experience etc officers are allowed to proceed direct to special to arm training.

We must maintain standards! Good luck

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