Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by franklin, Sep 22, 2006.

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  1. After serving 5 years in the Signals, Ive generally had a good time. Ok there has been the usual sh1t jobs, and the bullsh1t of which the corps is renouned for (as i was told before i signed up). Ive gone through the stage of wanting to transfer and i still keep an open mind about this. Thing is, litterally everyone I work with is unhappy in the corps and all talk of transferring out. When asked what they want to do, they reply "I dont know, I just want out the Signals thats for sure". Is this a corps wide feeling within the ranks, or just alone to my unit? Your thoughts please.....
  2. Join the guards. No bullsh1t there.
  3. Yeah well I am leaving the corps, but it's not just the bullshite factor, I mean a bit of BS is good, this is the Army after all!

    But you do have pointless things when you are trying to get on with your job but someone seems more intrested in having a nice bit of gravel outside the SHQ aposed to attually getting wagons serviced and out on the road.
  4. It seems to be the strongest feeling in the signals, that we have the most bullshit, but if you actually dig a little deeper into other corps, they're just as bad. I've heard some right horror stories from lads I know in the Arty, and the same from the Infantry. I think our biggest problem is that most of the corps are pretty intelligent guys and like to think for themselves, but get treated like children by certain hierachy. Its an army wide problem, but probably moaned about alot more by the Signals. But dont expect anywhere else you go to be bullshit free, cos it wont be!!! As has been mentioned before, this is the Army, afterall.
  5. I left to go to the Infantry, didnt like that either :oops:
  6. Again its mainly due to the fact that most Signals Sqns/Regts support a higher formation HQ. With tent city needed erected like yesterday, inpertanent offrs (not all of you!!) and the rest of the bullsh1t that come with the Signals.

    And whilst back in camp.......... well thats another story.

    Oh well 2 yrs to do before this callsign leaves the green bleep machine.

    The current trend seems to be towards the RMP. Have they got no crap?

    Dont get me wrong, I have enjoyed my time in.
  7. I have served with all sorts of units, from RLC to Guards, and I have to say the sigs are the worst bunch I have ever served with
  8. Who are you with DS?
  9. Absolutely right scaleybac. Having served in the infantry I can assure you that the level of bullsh** can rise to outrageous levels. I have been in a platoon where normal routine in camp was area cleaning from 0720 hrs to 0745-ish, quickly back to the block to brush boots again, then on parade at 0800 hrs, you would stand there for about half-an-hour before getting sent to the block to re-do block jobs, then back on parade, then back to the block to scrub the rooms. And so on and so on. I'm not telling fibs, although not all Battalions were as bullsh*tty as mine. Occasionally you'd get to practice your job - section attacks, mortar drills, signals exercises, recognition, first aid, but it was mainly bullshit. And shedloads of PT obviously. I agree that we just generally have far more guys who are trained to question tasks that they don't see as being of prime importance.

    Hmmm....I strongly suggest that a lot of it is due to what trade you are and what unit you're posted to. For example, if I was an RS Op manning a staff IT helpdesk I'd want to get my ass to 21 Sigs or to a Bde or Div - and if I was an IS Engr running the tuckshop at an Armd Bde I'd probably be screaming out for a tour at 2, 16 or 30 to get hands on some kit. And so on...

    What trade are you franklin? In army terms, it's far better for you to transfer capbadge rather than sign off. Maybe some of us might suggest what unit your skills would be best served at.
  10. Lots of R Sigs Transfer to the INT CORPS. Easy to do if you pass the tests...........nobody transfers back!
  11. Lots of R Sigs Transfer to the INT CORPS. Easy to do if you pass the tests...........nobody transfers back!
  12. I have loved every unit I have been with in the Corps. I have served or been on attachment with 7 Sigs, 16 Sigs, 3 Div, 4 Armd Bde, HQ Land, RSS and HQ SOinC(A). Yes you get crappy moments, and yes you get the bullshit, but as I used to be another cap badge they have the same.

    The problem is we have some clever people in the Corps, who are clever enough to say WHY. The army as a whole has the same amount of bullshit. Its called keeping discipline, and if you don't like it, you know where your admin office is. The most annoying thing of the Corps is the wingers and winers. They are none stop.
  13. i Agree, although i have only been in a few years now all you hear is people winging all the time and it can catch on with some of the 50/50's in the Regiment. It is what you make of it and it's up your own lazy ass to make it better for yourself. If your not there to be dic'd then you can't be dic'd!!! Get yourself busy and do something about it. Makes me laugh when people sign off and then get promoted by the way!!!! :roll:
  14. Yeah, and my tea is a salad, the ball is in your court ... etc etc.

    It is what you make of it, but unfortunately you can only do so much before SNCO's and Officers will either make it possible or impossible for you to move on.
    Was overlooked again for Promo 9 years ago, signed off... 2 weeks before leaving they said here is your second, well done - now just sign back on..... now why did they do that? Because back then they had a problem with ensuring people would stay in - at the time it was the 3 year Siggies/Lcpl's that wre all signing off so they promoted them and over looked the 8 year Lcpl's/Cpl's. Told them to stick, never looked back since - leaving the Army always gets laughed on here, but its what you make it. And at the end of the day everyone has to leave the Army.
  15. Transfer into the RAF. Much less B/S, you will be treated as much more of an adult and actively encouraged to think and act for yourself.

    That's not to say that the buggeration factor isn't is, and some enjoy taking to new and exciting heights, but on the whole they are few and far between.