has anyone transferred in the ta? if so, did they find it hard fitting in? and did their old mates give them grief? any help please
I hope you are not transferring out of Inf Robbo, after all we all know about people who don't have SUSATs on their gats *cough*.
why transfer, unless it's good for you, the inf need the SUSAT.

That's the idea of these new recruiting policy, you don't have to go to your nearest unit, if there is one you're better suited for.
Transfer took me 9 months from Regional to National back 6 years ago. Missed bounty, missed jubilee medal cos of it. Gits.
Went to the equiv spec unit, so got loads of jip initially with inter unit rivalries. Got to hear both sides of the "war stories" though with both units claiming one-upmanship and how the other one was utter arse. Both are as bad/good as each other to be fair.
Fitting in...not sure if I have still! As with all units, they have their cliques so its never easy.
I put in for a transfer to a specialist unit last may and was taken on strength of my new unit in October, thats a quick transfer from other stories Ive heard, the new unit Ive joined is spot on most of the chaps are old sweats so theres no nonsense, my old unit still send me invites for social gatherings and if Im free on a tuesday I will pop in the bar after training for a yarn with the chaps, thats my experience, the only way you will find out is doing it yourself!
I've moved a few times and found it a quite straight forward process, although it does take time. Normally you go to your new unit fill in the transfer form and they send it back to your old one. Normally your old unit continues to pay you and you train with your new unit signing in on an individual attendance sheet.

However my last transfer very little of the above occured, I had to go back to my old unit to complete the transfer form and they refused to let me train with my new unit. This was the only time I transfered because I wanted to (other times I'd moved or my unit was disbanding) and the unit took it badly (was also transfering to follow a specific career path that didn't exist locally in my old unit)
Is it possible to transfer from combat spt. to regiment because I want to go to a nearer centre ... I'm REME at mo and nearest units are RE or Inf. Plus at 34 I might be too ripe ...

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