Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by DaveyBoy, Dec 29, 2005.

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  1. Hi guys

    I want to transfer regiment to the RMPs, and thought I'd run it past you all first to get your opinion on whether or not I'll be allowed, and how long it will take.

    Im currently in phase 2 trainin at Bovington, and not back there until Tuesday. I'm going to speak to the troop sergeant when I get back.

    What do you think my chances of getting the transfer are like?

    My reasons are I'm bored, and right now dont think this is what I want to do. It sounds stupid as well, but I'm quite intelligent (definately should have gone college and joined as an officer later..) and I dont think this job is mentallychallenging enough?

  2. Stand by for incoming!
  3. Why don't you finish your training, and get a bit of experience in the army before you think about transferring?

    What trade are you training for now?
  4. Tank driver.

    I wanna come out in 4 years and do civvie plod, so this seems the logical move.
  5. ....if you want to work for Securicor...
  6. Why didn't you apply for RMP to start with then?

    I don't think you'd regret getting a bit of time in service before trying to transfer. Maturity and experience are good things to have as a policeman (both civilian and military).
  7. You say you're reasonably intelligent then claim you want to join the Monkeys? Going civvy bill won't be helped by joinng the RMP. Finish your training, and see how it goes for 6 months. If you think that armour isn't for you then try something like Int, as it's a good step towards civvy bill. (PS I'm not nor never have been Int Corps but do work in a J2 environment)
  8. 8O 8O you want to do what :evil:

    Unless you are good at creating your own evidence against people then don't do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Even a dixie basher is higher in my esteem than a f****ing monkey :evil:

    Sorry, did I say that I don't like them :?:
  9. Did you get caught doing something naughty? 8O
  10. Jesus - I don't know who I feel for most; the Tankies or the Monkeys.

    And as for this notion of being an officer..?? Ha Ha Ha..!!

    Nothing personal, you understand..??
  11. Lots of people think joining RMP will help them get in the civvy bill.


    Stay as a joined the army to be in the army..........not direct traffic with a crimson beret on.

    wise up!
  12. So you are at bovvy on Phase 2 and you think its not challenging ?Well get to your unit first
    then decide .You have no idea what the job is about .When you get to your regiment if you are
    as clever as you think you are you will get noticed . Do you think that all officers are switched on ?
    You my young TPR have a lot to learn about the army .As for RMP well not a chance mate do you
    really think your Troop staff will let you go to another corp just like that . Or maybe they would love to
    palm you off because you are full of it .
  13. 3 years in regiment then think about it, thats time to learn the ropes in the Army, enjoy it or get bored of it.
  14. No, but got literally fitted up by their SIB barstuards :x

    Basically, I was Court Marshalled for an offence that I did not commit. The SIB Sgt Major 'interviewed' me with his toy sgt. At the DCM, when challenged, denied that he had even been in the same building :roll: I described the office that it took place in. Two days later the whole DCM convenes in said office. Loh and behold, it's totally changed :x They even threatened to 'inspect' to' my girlfriend's flat and 'talk' to her - she is German and this was in Germany, in a German flat, not military . On being asked, again they denied all knowledge and stated that they didn't have the powers to do such a thing :x :x

    Btw, this is just one example

  15. I'm in suspense!! Don't stop there.