Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by Pips, Nov 1, 2005.

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  1. I've recently read a few posts about transfering - which interests me. I'm currently an Adjt of an Inf Bn that is about to go large - you do the maths! My real thoughts rest with the Int Corps (no disrespect to other Corps).
    Going to MCM Div really isn't a viable option as everyone talks, and the cat soon gets out.
    What I'm really after is an honest opinion of life in the Int Corps and the potential for ex Inf Officers? Is it really worth turning by back on the Inf - but at the same time can anyone guarentee a Rifle Coy Comd and a Reg C if I stayed?
    Answers on a postcard.
  2. From my experience transferring to the Int Corps from outside is not uncommon. I can think of an Inf Offr and a R SIGS officer both of whom are now successful int wallahs.

    Best place to start is by identifying if the Int Corps have vacancies in your YOB, and if so what the penalties for transfer would be. One chap I knew had to go to Harrogate for a year to fill one of their E1 posts, before he properly came alongside.
    There is nothing to stop you making a relatively anonymous call to the Int Corps/R Sigs MCM just to scope this issue.

    Only when you are aware of the costs and benefits and are prepared to defend your vital ground should you take the leap.

    Good luck.
  3. Have you considered Sappers?An Engineering degree is not required of everyone.The Corps is increasing the size of it's Commando and Parachute units,and I would suggest that someone who's been an Adj in an Inf Bn,could be well suited to The Corps.We also have some excellent people,and do the 'infantry' thing from time to time!
  4. Pips

    Be wary of tranfers; it almost always involves some treading of water for a while. I know that mergers are emotional events and you must be careful not to make big choices with clouded judgement. I suggest that if you joined the Infantry then you were looking for something different to the type of chap who joined the Int Corps. Command of soldiers is not what the Int Corps is all about. If you have had enough of that sort of thing and want to work almost exclusively in staff type appointments stretching the grey matter then the Int Corps option might be fine. If I were you I'd wait a little longer. Get promoted, do ICSC and take the chance when you're there to look around at what your peers do. You'll also get a good readout on where you stand against them and what your chances would be in other Corps. There are some very bright cookies in the Int Corps and you would have to prove yourself against them before you could compete. Beware jumping from pan to fire.
  5. Pips,

    My impression, speaking to int corps wallahs in the know (or so they claim!) is that they are fielding a lot of enquiries from a great many people in your position and from your background. As 'The Chancellor' said, check out what vacencies are available in your yob. The other thing to consider is what you have to offer them. They are still inordinately keen on people with a languages background or aptitude. Any G2 background at all (Bn IO, op tour experience?) may prove useful.

    Good luck!
  6. The AAC will have you! And you get to play in an Apache.
  7. MS_Rep

    MS_Rep RIP

    Not strictly accurate as anyone who recently jacked in their pilot training with a hope of becoming an Apache pilot will tell you :p

    The INT CORPS are taking people of the right calibre. I know of 2 Inf offrs who have recently made this transfer successfully. If you are concerned about talking to your Inf MCM Desk Officer at the APC about this, speak to SO2 or SO1 MS5 who will put you in the picture.

    Transfers are top priority at the APC right now - on the basis that its better to have someone in; rather than out :wink:

    If really desperate you could always try the RAF of course :lol:
  8. If I were you, I'd stay where you are. You're in about the only part of the Infantry thats approaching reform with the right mindset, rather than clinging to parochialism and reorganising on a political basis.
  9. I would strongly advise anyone of transferring to the RAF at the moment. They have just done their tranche 1 redundancies, and are in the process of embarking on another 7500 redundancies over the next 3 years. The majority of their cuts are in suppliers and engineers, however, no one is escaping the sword of Burridge. My advice would be to steer clear of them, unless there is a particular slot within the RAF Regt that you may be advised of.

    Speak to ICSC(L) DS about RAF if you are interested, or PM me.
  10. This advice is spot on. Whilst there is the possibility of transferring to other Corps' I would be a bit wary of doing so just to stay in the Army. I know there are those who have managed it successfully, and arguably now have Reg Cs and have Beige Listed in their new cap badge a good year or two earlier than they would have done if they had stayed in the Infantry, BUT they have taken a massive risk, and I think they are very much in the minority. Most of those who transfer, as has been mentioned above, do a period of marking time whilst their new Corps sees what they are about, and gets them professionally qualified for their new role.

    I would stay with the Infantry - you do, after all, have to look at yourself in the mirror each day!

    Joking apart, it is worth checking with your desk officer at Glasgow about the vacancies in your YOB. If you're a Reg Bn Adjt then you should know the guy pretty well and this shouldn't be a problem. If you're worried about speaking to him then speak to his AO instead - often they will give it to you straight as opposed to dressing it up for you.

    If you're in an Inf Div that is about to go large, then you are in a far better position than those of us who remain in the small minded Divs that can't see a bit of straightforward direction from ECAB for what it is. Hang in there!

    I was an Adjt of an Inf Bn and I know what a miserable job it can be at times, but it is definitely worth it at the end. My advice would be to remember why you joined the Army, and in particular the Infantry in the first place, and then make your mind up about swapping to another part of the Army.
  11. Wise words BM, being a Corps chap myself we do seem to have a 18mth or so period of bedding in. Also it is fairly key to consider at what stage you transfer. If it as a Maj then the chances of completing some of the more 'juicey' courses and quals which are capbadge specific may have already passed by.

    The mirror must be shattered for you then B-M. :p
  12. I wondered what your views are on tranferring within the Infantry. I too am in a Regiment that is about to go large and worry that the family atmosphere that I joined will disappear, maybe a move to a Regiment that has maintained it's identity would be a positive step? Thoughts? I am aware that the large large Regiment is the way the Army Board wish us to go and that we must be positive about it and therefore if I stay I will promote it to ensure the success of the new Regiment, however are we not throwing away that "band of brothers" bit?
  13. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Unless you want to to the Guards or Paras - both who do a fair amount of internal movement anyway- I can't work out what you are on about.

    Explain please.
  14. Why is it that you are thinking of transferring?

    Is it "family atmosphere" that you fear losing? If it is how is joining a corps going to remedy that?

    Or is it that you fear a larger regiment will mean more competition and therefore you might find it more difficult to make your way up the ranks? If so then hold on a minute. You are an adjutant - so presumably have a very sound pedigree in terms of your annual CRs so far. The regiment knows you and your capabilities. OK, so perhaps 9 infantry companies (in 3 regts) are going to come down to 6 (ie 2 battalions in one regt). But what is your competition within the units that are to form the new regiment? There are only two other adjutants, for instance. If you have not cemented your position as a "bright young thing" then what the fcuk have you been doing as adjutant?

    My step son is in the process of joining the army as an officer. He will be one of the first new subalterns commissioned into a "new" regiment. He values what has been, but is tremendously excited about the new regiment, and his prospective career in it. Again, as an adjutant who has been (presumably) instrumental in negotiaitions and planning to set up the new outfit, are you not ideally placed?

    As an ex officer of one of the regiments that is going to be lost, I will be sorry to see them go, but you are a young officer in a period of dynamic change for the infantr. Presumably (as I have said above) you have the pedigree. If you have the ambition and the confidence then the world (and the new regiment) is your oyster. If you are worried that your opportunities for advancement will be limited then WHY are you worried? It calls into question your own ability.

    Is not the answer to embrace the new regiment - the new "family" - and utilise your current strong personal position to influence the formation of that family for the good, and to do your damndest to ensure that your place in that family is cemented?