Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by aurelian, Jul 9, 2010.

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  1. aurelian

    aurelian Swinger

    i have asked by email for my request for a transfer to a unit that is happy to take me to be forwarded up chain of command. i have not filled out part b of the transfer form as i cant download a copy. My only contact at squadron is not supportive of this request. what should i do to get things moving
  2. the_creature

    the_creature War Hero

    Go to the unit you wish to join and ask for parts A and B transfer forms. Have and interview with the new units OC and tell him your reasons you want to transfer and tell him your current unit is unhappy with your move and ask if they can fight it from their corner. Unless you actually go down to your unit and sort it out yourself your just going to get bollox from them
    By phone and email.
  3. JD150

    JD150 War Hero

    Who is your only contact at the Sqn? Ask for an interview with your OC, take the transfer paperwork with you. Alternatively contact your new unit and request an interview with their OC or PSAO and they can start the paperwork at their end.
  4. aurelian

    aurelian Swinger

    many thanks for your help. things are moving along now, as a newcomer its a bit daunting coming face to face with a well established and alien system. like all things the longer you play the game the more you understand the rules.
    thanks for the guidance