Im in the process of transferring to a new unit (RS > RE)

the application went to my unit 2 weeks ago, im aware it needs signed by the boss first, then however im not too sure

any idea how long the process may take? or will it be a "how long is a piece of string" moment...

Depends how much you annoy your boss.....! :roll:
I transferred in May; it was about a month from putting the paperwork in to parading at my new unit, and a month or so after that for the paperwork to catch up. I'd had all of the relevant interviews before I put the request in, though, so everyone involved was primed for it happen. In principle it shouldn't take long; in practice it depends on the individuals involved.
I transferred after some time off to move house and start a new job, but paraded 2 weeks after getting in touch with my new unit (a week after having a prelim interview with the Tiffy) and 5 weeks later was on the books officially.

Lucky, I think... but then again, it was a transfer within the same Corps...
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