Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by UKChrisT, Mar 31, 2009.

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  1. Hello,

    I have decided to leave the TA, I'm unemployed and have been unable to find a job for a while now so I think it makes sense to go full-time. I am still young so I may as well make the decision now.

    I wanted to know how long would it make for a transfer from the TA to the Regular Army?

    I was 3rd battalion royal anglian and now wish to go into the RLC as a Pooneer.

  2. Why did u leave the TA? Why not transfer to the regs from your TA unit?

    Whats a Pooneer?
  3. tee hee, made me chuckle. RLC pooneer
  4. As far as I know (there have been a few TA at Pirbright recently), you join as anyone else would (as in a civvi). You apply, but might get some sort of fasttrack on the paperwork as you may have filled some in for the TA. You then go to Pirbright and do your CMS.
  5. There is no real fast track system to speak of, unless you have plenty of operational experience to justify you not doing phase 1 training, you go through the same process as anyone else. :)

    Fortunately for you, it just means applying through the AFCO/ACIO and then going through the selection process, given that you have a military medical record that part of it is relatively straight forward, and your military background and knowledge means in theory you shouldnt need much time to prepare for ADSC.

    But how long it will actually take to get you in is totally dependant on how quick you get through the processes and get through ADSC.
  6. There is generally no fast track, regardless of TA experience. 5 op tours with TA do not necessarily teach you everything you are supposed to learn at Phase 1 (as ridiculous as that may sound). You may get dispensation for knowing your weapon handling and basic skills, but wont skip much, if any, of the CMS.
  7. Arite mate, if you have come out of the TA you will still need to go through the process like anyone else im afraid.. it will go in your favour that you have military skills from what you were in.
    You will get abit of banter at ADSC, my friend who i met there was in the TA, he was called boy scout!
    Good luck anyway mate.

  8. Only thing different from anyone else is experience you take in and your low number. I didn't tell my troop staff untill the week I passed out - they just thought I was a fast learner and good recruit.
  9. We had 2 TA with my unit in 2007, they spent a year and half at the unit in total, including one tour, one a L/Bdr the other a Bdr once the tour was over they both expressed an interest in joining full time. They were both offered 15 year contracts and are now serving full time no additional training needed.

    Your best bet is to go into the AFCO, there are to many variables to take into account:-

    Time in TA
    Mil Quals
    Job specs in TA
    Current Manning
    Tours/Time spent on FTRS etc.
  10. How were they offered a 15 year contract? i have never heard of that? they either enlisted on VEng Short or they comes across on the old S Type engagements (age dependant).

    I have just enlisted at very short notice a lad who has completed 2 tours with different units over his 6 years in the TA, however he got special permission to go from TA Artillery into the Rifles and missed out Phase 1 training, he still has to go and complete the CIC at ITC.

    Normally anyone that manages to fast track or transfer, they do so whilst on tour and the Commanding Officer of the unit he is on tour with can complete the paperwork, the TA then discharge him, this is because he has an up to date medical and has done his OPTAG, however once demobilised back to his TA unit he has to go through the same process as a normal enlistment, in which case if the Senior Recruiter thinks there is justification for them to bypass any part of the training process and AFB203 application for special enlistment authority is completed and Glasgow then decide upon what the enlistment criteria is and any contract length. Normally dependant on age it should be VEng Short.

    Anyone over the age limit for a normal regular recruit is considered in much the same way but the contract length could be shorter (similar to an FTRS type engagement).

    But each case if viewed differently :)
  11. Don't know what type of engagement it is they are on, but due to there age they were offered 15 years service. Both Artillery UAV pilots. They spent 12 months with the unit before deploying for 6 months with us. During the tour the paperwork for they transfer was carried out. Post POTL they re joined the unit full time.
  12. Your post is based on non fact and is therefore a lie
    If you had actually recruited anyone this Century you would know that :twisted:
  13. hahahaha that could have been PotentialPara to a tee! :D