Discussion in 'Aviation' started by remevm047, Dec 28, 2008.

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  1. hi all

    i am currently a reme vm class 1 and i am seriously thinking about transferring over to the aac i served with 9 regt a few years ago and really enjoyed it

    i have heard though that the aac are not recruiting at the moment and was wondering if anyone had an insite as to whether or not i would be accepted

    any response appreciated
  2. Worth a try mate. However, as you have eluded to, the Corps are in fact OVER manned and are offering 2 year infantry attachments for juniors.
  3. Always looking for aircrew, lots of info here on the subject.
  4. cheers

    by aircrew i take it you mean door gunner
    am i right in saying though that you have to transfer over as ground crew first
  5. You cannot commit to the Corps as Aviation Crewman (door gunner), he means pilot selection (LCpl recommended Cpl)
  6. oh right cool

    cheers im not sure i fancy pilot though i am a full screw with plenty to offer and hopefully they will take me im gonna give it a go anyway
  7. Mate, as you are even considering it, go for it now. If not, you will forever be asking yourself "what if?". Sieze the moment, be confident and use this and any other means at your disposal to get yourself as far ahead of the game as possible. When you do, get back to me or The Lord Flasheart and we can hgive you all the right steers.
  8. thank you very much for the advice you are completely right

    i will keep posted on any developments