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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cavalier, May 31, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone tell me, if I were to enquire about transferring to another Unit, what my legal obligations are, as to informing my current Unit?
  2. Transfering originates from your Parent unit, all the paperwork is sent from them to your new unit.

    If you really didn't want them knowing (can't see why) then you would have to be discharged and rejoin the TA at the new unit.

    Goes without saying that you should touch base with the unit you intend on joining as an PASO and/or OC's interview is usually the first port of call.

    However enquiries are just that, i see no need to inform them at all at that stage.

  3. None, just arrange a visit, I did warn my last unit I was bored etc but I didn't have to. Obviously if you decide to transfer you have to tell them, also the process should start at your current unit (you fill in the forms there)
  4. If you want, as an expert at transfering, I'll go through it with you on Tuesday if you want
  5. I was told that if I rock up to a parade night as a walk-in, I have to tell that Unit that I'm a serving soldier and provide Unit details - they are then legally obliged to inform your current Unit.....Otherwise I'd make the round's lol

    Hey Monkey, yeah sounds like a plan.
  6. Contact the unit's PSI in the week, and arrange to go in on a Drill Night. You can then chat to the PSI about your options if you transfer, (as well as explaining that you're trying not to burn any bridges by visiting) and perhaps get an opportunity to chat with the Sergeant Major and/or OC.

    Presumably you know what the unit gets up to from chatting with soldiers at other events? PSI will tell you the stuff that the guys haven't.

    Not aware there's a legal obligation as such, but where most units get up in arms is others who actively poach their hard-earned soldiers, as opposed to the individual who is bored and wants something different, so you might need to make that clear at your exit interview with your current PSAO.
  7. Just to add my 2pence as I am currently in the middle of a transfer for the second time.

    Technically all I had to do was inform my current unit of my desire to transfer and why, and then inform them of whom I desired to transfer to and where they were. Going via chain of command is probably the safest way as we all know that some people get funny about apparently you going over their head however you still have the option of going direct to your PSI or PSAO.
    This is done both verbally and on the official transfer request document which when completed and approved by your current unit is sent onto the unit you desire to join where they must accept to take you (and fill in their bit of the doc) before it is then sent to Glasgow where magical pixies put all your docs from one file to another and voila your transfer is complete.

    Note that both units have to approve the transfer and if either says no then it cannot progress, in reality I don't see this being a problem unless you are a complete muppet and the new unit dosn't want to accept other units cast offs.

    In reality I expressed my desire to transfer long before officially putting in and requested an OCs interview out of simply courtesy. I then contacted the unit I am transferring to and gave them a heads up about what was going to happen and then passing over the details to both PSAOs so that they could sort any technicalities out in advance. I also arranged an informal visit to my new unit to get a feel for the place and to have a more indepth talk with the PSAO there (OC was unavailable) as well as other key personalities such as the platoon commander.
    As a result I am going to hit the ground running (as they are now aware of my skills and abilites, and my future intents) when my transfer is complete instead of having to spend more time getting settled in.

    Sorry if I have come across as teaching you to suck eggs but I thought if I keep it simple then it will help avoid confusion
  8. I'm another seriously considering transfering when I get back to 4 PARA in St Helens....G_H, very useful info mate, well in...
  9. No problem Kingo :)
  10. This is true - in my days 151 Regt were so p*ss*d at 21 poaching their men that when a number of us transferred en-bloc ('cos we were bored sitting around fields all weeeknd/week - whatever) ALL our paperwork inc. MOD-90's etc. vanished into the ether!!!!!!!!!

    Made for an interesting time whilst the Adj. of 21 sorted things out again....