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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ZippyR, Aug 23, 2011.

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  1. Hi – I have opted to change from a national unit to a regional unit after finding contact difficult and being sent on no training despite being in the TA for nearly a year. So far the regional unit have sent off their part of the transfer papers and have contacted my previous unit and sent off the transfer papers to them. I have been waiting nearly 3 months now and have still heard nothing. I’ve contacted the regional unit and unfortunately they cannot help much more as they know as much as I do and have assured me that they will contact as soon as it has all gone through.

    Basically I am wondering if anyone has ever gone through this process before or could explain to me how it works. Should it be taking this long or has something possibly gone wrong? And is there anything else I could possibly do to check on the progress? Thanks.
  2. I am going through a transfer at the moment and I was told approx two weeks from when your unit sends the transfer papers away. It needs to go to Glasgow then you start at your new unit.

    More than that I dont know sorry for the limited advice.
  3. Thanks I thought I heard Glasgow mentioned, and around 2 weeks was what I was expecting as i'm keen to get started. I hope yours goes smoother than mine!
  4. walkyrie

    walkyrie Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Not done it myself but plenty of guys in my unit have.

    Essentially its an administrative exercise behind the scenes that you can only have very limited input into (i.e. phoning them up and asking them to hurry up.)

    It may be the case that your unit don't want to let you go (for any number of administrative/budgetary/manning requirements reasons.) It will happen evenutally - you just have to keep hassling them. Its more likely that they're being crap/awkward rather then something actually going wrong.

    Hopefully someone will come in after me with an appropiate number to phone in Glasgow.....
  5. Took about 4 months, but what do you expect from the signals!! Comes to something when the RLC are more efficient
  6. Zippy, it sounds like your old unit is useless. Your new unit can ring Glasgow on your behalf to check if the paperwork has been received (if it has the RLC desk will put it through whilst they're on the phone if they ask), if not it will be still at your old unit and you should contact the PSAO to find out why it's taking so long.
  7. Well that is scary. I just got a phone call a few minutes ago from my new unit saying its all gone through.
    Thank you all very much for your swift replies though :)
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  8. Strangely it was my last night at my unit and they gave me the transfer paper fully completed saying give it to your new unit they will do their bit and send it to Glasgow. The opposite to what I was originally told. But hey whatever works.

    Glad yours are sorted!
  9. I just had mine go through without a hitch, but I've heard horror stories. It all depends on the admin of the units it's going through, there's about 5 diffrenet signitures on that form.

    The way I got it explained was: it goes from your old unit, to Glasgow, to the new unit, to their brigade HQ, to London and back to the new unit. Then the new unit requests your files from the old unit, who send them over.

    But that could be all rubbish and it could really just be luck.
  10. And there I was thinking it was just between the old and new unit.. Also perhaps I had picked a particularly busy month? either way I am glad its sorted so I can just concentrate on being involved in the TA and getting some training done.
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    New unit confirms that they are willing to accept the transfer and have a PID available, old unit confirms that they are willing to support the transfer out and writes a short pen picture about the transferee. I believe it then heads off to Glasgow for records.

    Top tip for people wishing to transfer - don't spend weeks badmouthing your old unit before you submit your paperwork. Your OC/CO has a desk full of paperwork requiring their attention, and won't bust a gut to get yours done first if you have been a cock. The pen picture may not always portray you in the best light if your last few months at your unit have been "difficult", but will be the first impression your new OC will get of you.
  12. Best way is to keep Glasgow out of the loop! - I do all transfers to my unit on JPA myself - takes about 30 secs!!

  13. paywog what unit where maybe i should transfer there!
  14. That would be telling!!!

  15. paywog - I'm certain there was some direction on this saying units were not supposed to circumvent APC despite some having the JPA access to do so (and that such access was supposed to be getting removed). But hey if you can get away with it fair play to you!