Transferring units?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Robp85, Sep 3, 2009.

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  1. Hi im about to join up to a local artillery ta unit but there's a possibility I'm going to move away some distance there's a unit fairley close where we may be moving is it simple to just transfer as long as it's still artillery? And what about if you wish to transfer to a diff trade ie artillery to infantry ?
  2. Transfering because you've moved won't be a drama! It's not like ya trying to bail out just to be jack & screw your unit.
  3. I transferred from one TA artillery regiment to another earlier this year, opposite ends of the country. Was fairly straight forward being the same capbadge, however did have a few hiccups (and some hiccups still exist 8 months on...) but nothing particularly massive.

    Just make sure you get the correct paperwork signed for the transfer by both regiments, and if there is any kit transfer involved, make sure it gets signed over from one regiment to the other on all systems. Otherwise you'll end up like me going in to exchange a combat jacket at my new regiment, to find that I no longer existed on Unicom as my old regiment had accidentally wiped me off the system. Would have been nice if someone had told me that six months earlier!
  4. Lol ok thx I'll be calling my current local unit then :)
  5. Lol ok thx I'll be calling my current local unit then :)
  6. Lol ok thx I'll be calling my current local unit then :)
  7. I advise you don't tell them you're intending on moving.

    keep it secret and tell them when the time comes.

    if you tell them now, you'll probably get put to the bottom of the pile for course places etc, as they want qualified people in THEIR unit, not somebody elses!
  8. Didn't really bother me telling my unit, they all knew I was going to Uni. Got some good advice on which regt to join but we did have choice then.