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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by poo_finger, Jul 23, 2008.

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  1. Hi, I'm currently serving in the Infantry as a SCBC qualified patrol commander in my Battalion's Recce Platoon.

    Recently i've been thinking about transferring over to the RAMC as a CMT, as i am growing increasingly thredder's with my job for a variety of reasons. I also wouldn't mind having a transferable trade for if i ever get out of the Army. I've got a few questions that hopefully you can help with!

    Do you get a choice of which unit within the corps you go to? I'm looking at 16 CS, because of frequency of deployments and being at the sharp end with 16 AA Bde, Obviously as a gravel belly I still want to be in the thick of it!

    Will i keep my current substansive rank of Cpl? As i've worked hard to get to where i am and although i'd accept a reduction in rank i don't really want to lose out financially.

    I'm a pretty fit lad and have attended my fair share of arduous course's. What would be the chances of attempting P Coy, and do CMT's from within 16 CS get attatched to other units from within 16 Bde?!

    I'm really giving this transfer some serious thought, so any advice or information given would be greatly recieved.
  2. I left the RAMC over 5 years ago due to "increasingly thredders with my job and wanting a trade i could transfer over to civvie street ".......have you done the RMA course ?

    You would keep your rank as you have already earned it.
  3. In reply to having done the RMA course, thats a no!
    Apparently all Infantry soldiers working in there respective med center's do the CMT course now.

    Obviously doing the said course would be a step in the right direction prior to putting in my transfer request, but it's hard enough getting the guys who already work in the med center on the course!
  4. Not necessarily! poo_finger would need to make sure this is the case, as part of the transfer process, SOME CEGs currently require a reduction in rank to LCpl.
  5. How much have you looked into this? I know there are paramedic quals around, but i understand these are very few & far between. So you might want to do a little more research before jumping ship, as your CMT class 1 wont do anything for you on the outside.
  6. May I suggest you consider Pathfinder Selection? You can specialise as a medic once you're in and have the best of both worlds.
  7. Gado,

    That is not strictly true about your CMT 1 not getting you anything, it will give you enough of a background to get started on a Offshore Medic course.
  8. OK, terribly sorry, I stand corrected.

    Whats an Offshore medic & it's still not directly transferable is it? You can do your diploma in immediate health care after your class 1, which could lead onto other things, but the qual itself can't be alone.

    If this has changed, then please let me know.
  9. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    For all CEGs, the maximum rank on transfer is now Cpl. It's highly unlikely he would have to revert to LCpl particularly as the RAMC is undermanned at Cpl level.
  10. An Offshore Medic would be a medic who works........offshore, oil rigs and the like

    One of the qualifying criteria for getting accepted onto an offshore medic course is having CMT 1 (and being a full screw)

    But yes in the sense that the CMT 1 qualification as a stand alone qual, will get you anything (unless working for a circus counts) you are right
  11. bit of a best case scenario there, plenty of Cpls transferred in as LCpls recently.
  12. Are the Cpl transferee's taking a reduction in pay as well as rank?!
  13. Depends on whether or not your current trade is higher or lower payband.

    Speaking for the ODP trade, if a Cpl reverts to LCpl on transfer, he/she will keep the Cpls pay until he/she qualify, then they will go on to LCpl pay on the higher band. Leviticus will be able to correct me if this has changed recently.
  14. Currently several Cpl TFI's on the Common Core Course. All have retained rank, pay and seniority.
    There will be more scope for paramedic training in the future. There are various accredited quals that students can get through Common Core, if they are willing to submit academic essays / dissertations etc.
  15. I see a stumbling block!
    Bit like the CLM thing, 'you can have the Introductory certificate/diploma in management for attending the course but if you are willing to pay £xxx and complete so many other modules in your own time then you could have the actual Certificate/Diploma in Management.'
    you end up with 16 applicants for the introductory cert/dip and possibly 2 for the Cert/Dip.