transferring to the QRL, need some advice on uniform

Discussion in 'RAC' started by New_Meat4The_Grinder, Nov 5, 2008.

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  1. Basically, ordered 3 motto's through my reggie pri shop, however i am aware that you need a red back flash, how is this put on. any help greatly appreciated, cheers
  2. Tattooooooed! :D
  3. when you get to the worlds greatest regiment simply go to the q and exchange it, are you sure you a are bright enough to crew a CVR
  4. Umm look at the motto, look at the flash, and figure it out :roll:

    Whilst i admire your choice, i think the simple things are beyond you. Failing that as has been said, go to QMs on arrival, though if the stumpy ones there, he has probably sold them. :)
  5. Well as i remember i used to cut a slit into mine and place the hook thru the slit and cut the backing to fit the badge.
  6. IT'S A MOTTO :x
  7. SkiBum

    That was always a way to get the lads biting, ask them what it said in their "1157" :oops:

    As you say though, it is a "MOTTO"


  8. How can anyone get so upset over a badge?

  9. No no you must be confused...

    He's joining QRL. Not 9/12L. :wink: