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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Jock_Bhoy, Jan 9, 2006.

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  1. I have been with the British Army for 3 years now as part of the Royal Corps of Signals, but am looking to transfer to the Int Corps. I would be grateful if someone could help me with answers to the following questions, bearing in mind that i'm a soldier, not an officer.

    1. How long is my transfer likely to take?

    2. Are there married quarters available for Phase 2 training?

    3. I hope to become a Linguist. After my language training am i likely to do back to back tours or have quiet postings?

    4. Is the fact that my wife is German and her parents both Polish likely to affect my detailed vetting in any way?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Very hard to transfer to Int Corps as a tom. If you are a LCpl it makes it easier, you need a good spread of education quals.
    Phase 2 trainees can occupy quarters as the language course is about 18 months long.

    Not sure how you stand in regards to developed vetting. Speak to your RCMO dunno where you are so couldn't tell you who it is, PM me and I'll try and help.
  3. In answer to your questions:

    1. Depends on a combination of your unit and the Int Corps selection procedure. Transferees aren't usually accepted until the DV process is completed - or not, see below.

    2. Yes, but you'll be the lowest priority, and would only have a chance if you're on a long language course.

    3. Depends on your language and inclination.

    4. Shouldn't be a problem about your wife, but your arrse name indicates you are an Irish Repubilican sympathiser! Did you catch the match yesterday?
  4. Cheers for the advice op_int_and_spy, howay_the_lads

    Reference your comment on question 4 op_int_and_spy, wouldn't go as far to say Irish Republican Sympathiser,
    Just a supporter of my local team and yeah, only seen the highlights cos i'm out in Baghdad, F**kin S**t.

    Reference Question 2, wouldn't the fact that coming from Germany with my wife give me a better chance of
    getting a quarter sooner, otherwise she'd be homeless.

  5. Due to the work i'm doing out in Baghdad, i've been told i've got a very high chance for promotion this year. My troop and sqn OC's are supprting my decision all the way as i have already proved my ability to learn languages. Became fluent in German in just 6 months in Germany, came to Iraq and i've started picking up a good understanding of Arabic and Spanish. Also got a high standard GCSE in french and have a good spread of quals from school and college
  6. Yes, yes, all fair and good, but how proficient are you at arrse kissing and backstabbing? Even better if you can kiss the arrse of an officer/senior rank, and then at a moment's notice stab the f#cker in the back. That's the mettle the Int Corps is really after.
  7. Ok, i don't like to kiss arrse, never have done and i won't f&*k a mate over just to get myself where i want to be. If i don't like someone, i'll tell them, then land them in the s&*t. As far as i was informed all this sh&*t had stopped in the int corps. I'm guessing that you're speaking from experience. You in the int corps, if so how long for, maybe you can give me a little bit more info on the bulls&*t i'm likely to expect there.
  8. Just been given info on the new DIN on transferring today, the Corps will only take transferees that are already NCOs. As for married quarter, if you're posted to Chickers on a long course then you're entitled to married quarter. No Posting Order, then you're deemed on course and will be in the block whilst retaining your existing quarter in Germany.
  9. Thanks for your help in taking the time to look into it for me. Need to hurry up and get my first stripe then. I spoke to my unit about it and i'm due posting end of this year anyway, so was informed i would be posted there. On failure of the training, i would then be posted on to a different Signals Regiment.
  10. Jock,

    I transferred from the Signals in 1999 - 2000. The backstabbing arrse kissing issue is just a running joke. If any one from any walk of life can hand on heart say that kind of thing doesnt happen where they work, they are naive. Trust me, there is a hell of a lot more bullsh!t where you're coming from.

    Having the language apptituted is great, if you want to be a linguist. There is all the talk of the OP MI concept (where the old style light and dark siders can swap roles) but from my experience a linguist will be a linguist. Especially considering the new cost implications in achieving the correct training. Think about what you REALLY want to do.

    I'm out now, but ask me any questions and i'll gladly answer them to the best of my ability.

    Good luck.
  11. :) please stop... :lol:
  12. CR (yet again :roll:), trust me, some people think that if they join the Int Corps with a language under their belt that they will be Handling all over the world and be a super spy. The reality is much different, as I am sure you know.
  13. reading too much into it. i was just laughing at "apptituted".