Transferring to the Infantry,

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by wooday, Sep 16, 2011.

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  1. Hi there, i am currently a lance corporal in the pioneers and i want to join the Infantry,i have applied to transfer to the rifles already but i am unsure if i will be able to keep my rank, i've spoken to a few people and it seems mixed views on being sent to cattrick and start over as a tom or go across as Lance jack and do the nco cadre.
    I don't mind too much either-way,(obviously prefer rank but my minds set) but i was wondering if you guys have seen anything similar or have any info.
  2. Don't do it unless all you want to do all day is sit around the office and occasionaly walk the lads round the accomodation block on areas. That is all you will do pal unless on ops or on COS where you might have to stand about filtering in lads in the dinner queue. 'Modern and Professional.' Ha.