Transferring to the CCF from Group A TA

Discussion in 'ACF' started by ballbagg3d, Apr 7, 2010.

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  1. Hi all, just wondering if anyone can give me some advice on the transfer process from TA to ACF/CCF as an instructor.

    I'm currently a private, having moved from the OTC to a group A unit and am now looking to return to my old school's CCF to help out/give something back to the system.

    My T.A unit seems to want to discharge me and then I'll have to apply to be an instructor with my new CCF who are more than happy for the help, however, I'm pretty certain others I know didn't discharge and just got transferred across.

    Just wondering if anyone can clear it up before I sign on the dotted line and return all my kit. If nothing else it would be nice not to spend a couple days filling in bone paperwork!

  2. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    CCF/ACF is not part of the army. Cadet instructors (CFAVs), except for officers, are not part of the TA therefore you cannot "transfer" to the ACF/CCF.

    You can be TA and a cadet instructor.

    ACF/CCF officers are on the TA general list B but in reality only for admin/health and safety reasons so someone can go before the beak when it goes wrong.
  3. there is not a direct transfer.

    If you were a TA Sgt, there might be an unofficial, ITC-skipping route. But as a Pte, there is no chance.

    As a TA Pte, your role is a fighting soldier under the command of a load of people with no people under your command.

    As an ACF SI, your role is a youth leader under the command of less people, with lots of young people under your command, and teaching.

    The skills are not really transferrable. The TA teaches you to fight. In the ACF you don't need that - you need to know how to look after young people, and how to teach their lessons. Do the intelligent thing, and start from scratch ;).
  4. CCF is not quite the same as ACF with respect to instructors. They do not normally have CFAVs; all the 'instructors' other than the SSI are commissioned (TA Gp B), HOWEVER there is no real selection process. It basically comes down to filling in a few forms and a recommendation from the school's headteacher.

    I know of several individuals who have been in both the CCF and the TA at the same time albeit they were all officers in both rather than TA ORs and CCF officers.

    JSP 313 makes no mention of TA ORs but states:

    "0128. Attached Reserve Force Officers. An officer who already holds a commission/appointment in the Reserves may, in addition, be attached for service in a CCF contingent provided that:
    a. He/she is approved by the Head.
    b. He/she is able to do justice to both appointments and has approval from the Reserve formation Commanding Officer.
    c. The Reserve liability has precedence. The CCF attachment will be cancelled in the event of 'call-out'."
  5. our man here is a Pte though.

    Last time I looked, Pte's weren't commissioned ;)

    And if his OC wants him discharged, I doubt he'll be getting commissioned any time soon!
  6. I can't agree with you. As I said above there is no real filter for CCF (Army) commissions beyond the Headteacher's recommendation - unlike ACF there is no form of AOSB at all.

    As far as I can see from the regs there is no mutual exclusivity about remaining a TA OR and a CCF officer.
  7. I thought the CCF officers tended to be teachers also at the school....

    From what I can see of this thread, he is unlikely to be considered as an office in the CCF.
  8. OK I don't think you understand my, or his, point.

    He is a Pte in the TA. And he wants to be a CCF Officer.

    He doesn't want to be in the TA anymore!!

    So, he wanted to transfer. I said he couldn't. Somebody else said he could be a CCF officer and a TA officer. But he's not a TA officer. I wasn't talking about his likelihood of being made an officer in the CCF as I am aware of the procedure... but what he cannot be is an officer in the TA that is also in the CCF... as if his OC wants him discharged as a Pte I doubt very much he's willing to send him to RMAS!!
  9. Ballbagg3d

    PM sent

  10. I helped out for a while at a CCF, all the intructors were commissioned but not all were teachers, they drew their instructors from anyone who worked at the school and parents.

    The Army section tended to have the better kit, but the RAF section had these really cool blue jackets. They werent quite so blue after the ambushes though as the school was somehow able to store 4000 blank rounds and 20 live SA80's.

    But I digress.
  11. Hey all cheers for the replies, even if its starting to go off topic into why I'm moving on from the T.A etc. ;) Pretty much I'm not exactly enjoying the current training or the bullshit in the unit in question (hence no names) but the main reason is becauuse my old cadet detatchment is understaffed and was asking around for extra personell and they gave me a call. I don't have the time for both and had been considering leaving the T.A before this offer had came about, so it seems like an obvious choice.

    Clearly I'm quite oblivious to the whole ACF/CCF AI process but have done a wee bit of reading about since starting this thread. Not exactly certain what the deally is with myself getting commisioned, but I'm aware of other non teachers being commisioned with the school, either way it's a bit of a non issue and not a reason for me moving.

    As for the AOSB, I have actually passed it and could go to Reg or T.A sandhurst if I wanted but, well I don't want to.

    Anyways cheers for the replies.

    Also cheers to Static-Line Pimp for the PM
  12. Nay bother good luck in your endeavours