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Transferring to the Australian Army

Are you sure you lads want to come here? Come over for a couple of months before making a decision. It's pretty shit here.
Mate, it's all about choosing the relative level of shittiness you would like to live in. Every country has plenty of shit in it, just need to figure out which one makes you feel less shittier.
It's not all awesome down here. They are a special breed. I have met more ******* in this Army than I did in 23 years in the British Army (may be down to age). They can be totally **** over the tiniest thing, lacing boots for example, yet look at you very strangely for marching into the RSMs office!!
Be prepared for a lot of jealousy because you've been 'given' rank, and also expect to be messed about for years. I have had to fight for courses that were essential for my trade, which also stopped me being paid my full wage.

Not all bad though, I've only had to give them 3 years service, although that felt like a lifetime, before now moving to a civ job. They pay for your entire move over and citizenship for all the family (takes approx 12 months all in).

Just come with your eyes open as to how it can be. It's not exactly how it's painted at the interviews.
Hi mate, sorry it wasn’t for you. After 20 years uk (both RM and uk Army), I’ve had a really good 10 years in the ADF. As you’ve quite rightly pointed out, make sure you’re making the right move for yourself and your family. It’s pretty much trade specific (like any job) and it looks like I’ve been lucky. Ps... I laughed at them about the lacing of boots. Yes they can get anale about dumb shite.

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