Transferring to the Aust Int Corps

But New Zealand are recruiting, you have to take a drop in rank (1 level) and the pay is about 60% of what you get here. Was recently accepted but turned it down at the last minute.

So were 2 friends who applied at the same time.
There's only so much Humint you can gather in New Zealand. Orcint, Elfint and Entint are what they're really after
why did you turn it down?
Honestly, NZ looked like a terrible place to live as a family. Schooling is really sub-par compared to the UK and crime can be astronomical. The wife was reluctant to be that far away from an elderly relative.

If I was a singly I prob would have taken it, best snowboarding in the world! It was the right choice though, one of the lads who went loves it, the other hates it. Neither are Corps, both Signals.

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