Transferring to RMP from Royal Signals

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by NSE72, May 14, 2013.

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  1. Hi all. I'm very aware you've had these questions loads of times so I'll try and get to the point. I'm an Electronic Warfare Systems Operator but I'm wanting to transfer to the RMP. I'll probably bring it up to my chain of command in about a years time. Main reason being I don't see many properly transferrable skills in my current job and I want to be a civvy copper when that fateful day comes. I have the academic quals required however my main questions are:

    How easy would it be to transfer for someone in a pinch-point trade like myself?

    How long does the transfer process take from start to finish (I'm aware its very case-by-case but just a rough estimate will do)

    Who do I approach for such a thing? I've never had to do anything like this and have no experience, I assume I just start with my troopie?

    Regarding the troopie, he isn't the easiest person to work with. My main fear being that he'll chin me off with some spiel like 'stop thinking about the f**king RMP and concentrate on your job.' Who should I move to in such a case?

    Sorry for any questions that may seem bone to you old sweats, just interested!

    Thanks all.
  2. Serious questions:

    1. Why do you think you'd be happier as an RMP?
    2. Why do you think being RMP would help you get in the civvy plod?
  3. Just seems like more challenging/interesting work. Truth be told I'm not all that keen on the radio malarky which is quite integral to life in the Signals. It's not bad, don't get me wrong. To answer your other question, any experience in any aspect of the plod world is surely better than a career spent with radios, if you see my logic. I would rather apply to a copshop saying 'Well I might not be completely experienced, but I do have experience in this this and this' rather than 'I can work a radio, give me a job.' Know what I mean?
  4. If your troopies a cnut, speak to your YofS(EW). He will at least be able to explain the CCE process to you and 'manage your expectations'. If all else fails, PM me and I'll help if I can.

    Perhaps the questions you should ask are - does being in the service police actually enhance my chances of joining civvy plod? Does it have any bearing what-so-ever? Is there a chance it could even hinder my chances?

    I don't know the answer to any of these, but if your main driver for transferring is to get a foot in the door for civilian police it might stop you going through the ballache of CCE, only to find it does you **** all good.
  5. Those are some interesting points you've just raised. I'll definitely have to look into those. Cheers.
  6. You sound far to genuine an individual to join 'them'. Wobblyhead has given you the best advice you're going to get!
  7. As stated before your immediate CoC is the first port of call. Tp HQ, if your Troopie's a belter then speak to the Tp SSgt, he'll raise it with SHQ and the RCMO. The RCMO will take it from there, interview you and will give you the line on whether we're still taking VTs/pinchpoint trades/etc.

    If you get the green light, you'll be given a 'look at life' attachment for a week where you look at us, and we look at you (you'll also have interviews with the OC and RSM to sus out what your motivation is). Once thats complete, the transfer process starts, which I can't give a timescale but I'd not be suprised if it takes longer than 9 months.

    I'll not lie to you, RMP doesn't give you any advantage during selection for CIVPOL. It used to in a number of forces, but unfortunately, like MDP and BTP we've had too many mongs go across to CIVPOL and ruin it. It will give you an advantage when joining 'non-police' investigative organisations (HMR&C, Border Force, CEOP etc), and such things like insurance investigators. It won't get you a foot in the door, but the training will be no great hardship for you.

    RMP does however give you a good and varied career in law enforcement, we follow exactly the same legislation, same procedures and where possible work jointly with our local police to the extent of becoming another C/S on their net, in UK i've dealt with GBHs, violent disorders and a murder as part of a joint CIVPOL/RMP patrol. In Germany (well, until 2017) we have primacy over the GCP and deal with everything down the scale from double murder to theft of a pedal cycle. As a JNCO don't be surprised if you get called to rapes, sudden deaths, fatal traffic accidents, attempted suicides, suicides, drink driving, domestics, GBHs, vehicle and house fires, forcing access for ambulance crews, stolen armoured vehicles, horses on the loose, missing persons, child abuse, all as a first responder (and thats only what I've dealt with). In a busy night in Germany you can clock up in excess of 10 arrests to give an indicator of how busy we are out there.

    For the green side, we are now embedded as Close Support with Inf/RAC BGs providing CPERS handling and evidencial recovery, so you can have as much of soldiering as you want. My Coy has just come back from 3 Exs supporting in Inf BGs, and in Afg (and its successor Op) we're operating at CS whilst also training the Police.

    Give me a PM if you have any questions about the job and the transfer process. I'm obviously biased, but give it a shot, I love the RMP and the variety, literally you don't know what you'll end up dealing with when you start shift.
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  8. If it's your intention to join civpol, why go through the grief of transferring to RMP only to leave in a few years? The way that the police pensions and conditions are changing, it's in your interests to join sooner rather than later, so as to build up some pensionable service (which may or may not secure some of the current conditions). As others have said - it makes no difference to the application process whether you are RMP or R. Sigs.

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  9. You really are a glutton for punishment , a scaley who wants to join the monkeys then join the old bill, having done two out of the three I would recommend neither.
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  10. Having been in the RMP and now the Civil Police, I can say that it will not help you get in but it will help you once you are in.

    The application process is exactly the same regardless of your background, you may give better life experience examples though from the different courses and work that you undertake in RMP.

    The skills and attitude you learn in RMP will make you a better Police Officer once you are in.

    I know a lot of good coppers who were from all parts of the military though, do the job in the Army that you want to and towards the end of your career get your CV in a position that suits what the Police want.

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  11. Just a few thoughts of mine..

    As a former spec-op/tele op (spec) you will gain transferrable skills for civvy life. My former colleagues and myself have gone on to do a great variety of jobs. Some are radio related but many not. I run a property services business for example.

    I don't have first hand knowledge of RMP skills but I imagine that former RMPs are also engaged in a wide variety of employments post military service. Some police/investigative related.

    Just a thought but I'd be a little wary of explaining to RMP that the motivation for joining their ranks is that it will help you get into the civvy police. It might ring of somebody who doesn't intend making a full career of RMP.

    Wobblyhead (and I think our paths may have crossed at times) as ever gives sound advice.

    Best of luck with it.
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  12. Looking at your situation from the outside in I reckon you'd be better off making a career of the military.

    You'll take a pay drop to join the Police and the police TACOS have been ripped up and re-written in such a way that only the pension prisoners and the otherwise unskilled will put up with.

    There are plenty leaving the police at the moment and I imagine a freedom of info request by a journo would prove there is a worrying trend that its those with experience that are getting off.

    There are even those looking at leaving the police and rejoining HMF... Now that really is madness.

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  13. If I had the chance to do what I wanted- which was taken out of my hands I'd say I'd choose to have learned about electronics. Coppering was a no hoper and electronics experts are better paid than coppers- or for that matter cuzzies. But that's the army for you. I wanted to join tanks they put me in Signals and then tell me I'm a security risk cos of my german connections. Sense in there somewhere and I always wanted to be a tankie..... I know its not what its cracked up to be but I always liked the idea of playing with tonka toys. Life's been a bummer in that respect. Being a Cuzzie was the next best thing.
  14. I kind of agree with Hexitele. I worked my last day as civvie bobby today and start phase one soon. A few things you should bear in mind if you do go RMP and leave the army is it isn't that easy to get into the police, many forces now recruit internally and may only have officer intakes every so many years so I would definitely have a plan B and C....don't put all your eggs in one basket.

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  15. You're not in the northwest by any chance are you?

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