Transferring to Regs. Age restrictions?

Hi guys,

I've trawled the forums but couldn't see if this has been answered before. I joined the TA as I am a married father of 3 in my 40's. I always wanted to be in the forces but never got round to it, after moving to Colchester I had the Army all around me all the time and eventually walked through the Recruitment Office doors. Never looked back, I love it, it has however made me realise what a T..T i been for not following my heart earlier!!!

I would love to go reg but worried that age will prevent me from doing so? I will be volunteering for deployment abroad as often as i can but feel that is all I will be able to do.

Fed up with people saying "u only interested in transferrin thru the back door" NOT TRUE. TA was the only way i could get in at my age

I believe you are goosed. I could be entirely wrong but I tried transfering for the RAF Regiment Aux to a reg army unit (with plenty of years reg and TA before that too) at the age of 41 and was told to get on my mobility scooter, not interested.

As I had no specialist skills (medical, engineering etc etc) I was way too old :(
Cent, PM inbound!!!

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