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is anyone transferring or know of anyone transferring to the RAF. Just wondering what the terms of service, promotion, postings are like for a Sys Eng Tech or their equivalent (ICT tech I think). Tempted to take the jump and hopefully start getting treat like an adult!
I can't answer your specific questions as I've been demobbed for over 2 years now. However, the advice I would give is that no matter what obstacles are put in your way, no matter what advice you are given along the lines of "you have to leave the army before you can join the RAF" and any other negative advice, it is your right to apply to transfer to the RAF. Get the correct advice on how to do this so that when it all happpens, you actually transfer which means you have no break in service and thus your continuity for things like pension, rank, promotion, etc does not get affected. if you leave the army and then join the RAF it does have an effect on these things.

Good luck!
Promotion will be, comparitively, very slow compared to the Army. Their service is calculated over 37 years instead of 22 and, therefore, each rank band will be significantly longer. This does not mean you automatically serve until you're 55 as they also have manning control points which used to be harsher than the Army ones. I think you have to apply to serve after 9, 12 and 15 years which is not guaranteed. Postings will, in the main, be in the UK. Many RAF personnel stay in one place for many years and have a system of posting swapping to ensure this happens (look in the RAF service magazine where there are many looking to swap or exchange postings). And don't go off on the "treated like an adult" stream. They have their fair share of being pissed around, 50 year old flight sergeants who treat you like a sprog when you're only 40 and SWOs who think they should have been an RSM. After serving at 2 RAF bases and having worked with them for a fair few years, there ain't that much difference except they seem to have "union" rules which can go against you as well as in your favour. If you think the Army is good at moaning, you ain't heard nothing til these lot start whining. The only plus is they seem to have a grown up attitude to singlies living out and a better standard of accommodation (depending on whether you get a new or an old base, of course).
I totally agree with your comments exbleep as I am at a Joint Services Unit at the moment and I am well aware of their complaining, haha. I have served 19 years and my trade & rank will be not offered Versatile Engagement so therefore I will have to leave at the 22 yr point. I would like to carry on serving in the forces and I have gained an insight into how the RAF work. I will give my RCMO a quick email and let him do the leg work since that is what he gets paid for afterall.
Lisburnlad. I can put you in touch with a former CS Eng Tech who transferred into the RAF and maybe get some work experience, if that is any use. I have some experience of the trade group and have been through the process of transferring to the RAF. If I can be of any use feel free to PM me. If you're in the Lisburn area I could meet up with you and give you some contacts who may be of use.
I tried to transfer to the RAF earlier this year. Iam fully fit and deployable, I am a CS (I) and have my MCSE, and MCITP certifications, and the reason they gave for not accepting me is "my GCSE qualifications are not up to the required standard".

I think the RAF is full and unless you have a degree or have previously been employed by Bill Gates, you will be very lucky to get in. But let us know...........
Why are you wanting to stay in the forces when you have some experience, qualifications and a military background?
A few collegues and I left the RAF at around the same time and now work in IT related areas after coming from non-IT but technical backgrounds.
We all without exception enjoying a better standard of living which offers stability for our families.
The forces were great, for me anyway, until 'Options for change' killed promotion and the SH force was starting it's deployment rate that remains to this day.
Leave at the 22 year point and get into ITIL before you leave if you haven't already.
Some good points raised already but I think it is worth adding that promotion is achievebale after only 3 years in any rank as of very recently. Promotions within the ICT tech branch are currently fairly good as far as the RAF goes. I have met a couple of ex Army lads who have made the jump to the RAF Trade Group 4 and they are both shining within it.
thanks EX-SHF-CFB for your advice. I will be doing ITIL course pretty shortly and have PRINCE2 already. Got CCNA and was looking at doing MCSE for resettlement. I suppose I could get out at my 22yr point (which is in 2013) and hopefully get a job but staying in would be a safe option I guess. I suppose there is no harm in asking. I would only do it anyway if I kept my rank, if not then its CivDiv for me!

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