Transferring To QARANC`s

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by DirtyAndy, Mar 20, 2006.

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  1. Im in the process of transferring to the QARANCs from the signals, just wondering if there is anybody out there who can offer me any advice or pointers to what i can expect on my interviews and various boards, all advice and guidance will be welcomed with open arms as i am desperate to get out of this god damn corps and do some real work.
    Many Thanks
  2. Which trade you planning on jumping ship into ????
  3. im joining as an adult nurse(mental health) well thats what im planning on anyway, i will take anything they give me
  4. What gets asked depends on the people interviewing you. Some possibilities-

    Specific to Branch-

    Why do you want to become a Mental Health Nurse?

    What do you think are the main roles of Mental Health Nurses in the British Army? How might it differ from civilian life?

    What are the commonest types of mental health problems amongst service personnel? (Hint- don't say PTSD)


    Do you think that you are capable of the academic study required?

    Do you know anything about reflective practice?

    What can you tell me about the structure and organisation of nursing courses for military personnel?

    What can you tell me about the Nursing and Midwifery Council?

    Can't promise you will get these specific questions, but I do know that potential students have been asked all of them in the recent past.
  5. isnt it two seperate boards? on which case i would keep that comment to myself!!
  6. any more coments would be helpful as i have my interview in 3 weeks time, come on guys im sure you can do better than this
  7. have you decided which branch you're going for?
  8. yeah going to try for student nurse
  9. adult or mental health!?!
  10. sorry being a dumbass adult nurse mate, problem is because i have no medical background i have to go through a PSO`s interview before I go to the board so thats the first obstacle I have to get across.
    cheers for your patience in my stupidity
  11. how can so many people read the thread but leave no comment, weak guys, very weak
  12. youve got your interview in a couple of weeks but you dont know which road to go down!! thats weak, not posting is called 'not being arrsed'.

    Have you contacted the QA recruiting team for information? spoken to any actual nurses or student nurses?
    the student nurse selection boards are pretty tough, they reject quite a few, so make sure you know which route you want to take and reasons for it!!
  13. Get some nursing journals! Read up on current issues in health! Nursing Times pretty broad info on nursing but will help - WH Smith has a selection or go online! Get yourself down to UCE birmingham for a nosey and speak to students and RNs! Raf have open day! Cant expect to be picked if you know diddly about the work! On the board u will get subjects to pre read up on! Maths is important too! Mental Health have plenty of spaces from what I have heard! Remember You will need a CRB check before they will let you loose on the public so once you've sat the board get it sorted ASAP!!!!!

    Hope this helps!
  14. With 2 weeks before your interviews and you have done no research but to post on this forum, you gotta be kidding!!!!

    You got to get your shit together mate, your gonna be taking questions from folks who will look to see if they want to employ you, if you have no idea of what you want to do or what the carreer path is then how the f**k you gonna answer them.

    Best of luck btw, hope you have a rabbits foot.

    Perhaps you are the epitamy of the modern forces today who think that the AMS is an easy option............well my old son guess again!!!, the folks who will grill you will know in minutes if you have done your homework....................

    I will not be one of them, lucky you!!
  15. Much as I agree with the whole two weeks to go and no research complaint I will give you a couple of tips.

    The guys that are having interviews from within the Corps have topics to research and will be asked to write an essay on one. The other topics will be used as discussion points during the day. Your unit should have joining instructions for you which will tell you about the interview process - I believe it's taking two days now so not to be taken lightly.

    You will also have a maths test which, although not rocket science, should be at about GCSE standard. Try this website for a bit of a brush up on your school maths

    And as the others have said read the nursing press. Nursing Standard is pretty good and has a wide variety of stuff in it or Nursing Times will do. Search the net for either of these, the Nursing and Midwifery Council ( and the Royal College of Nursing.

    You are very late on this and perhaps you should question if it's really for you but you can probably wing it given some hard work.