Transferring to Paras.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by bataz, Jun 2, 2009.

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  1. If you're line infantry and want to have a crack at transferring to the para's is this usually allowed? Has anybody done it on here or know of anybody who has?
  2. It's allowed,but,your own unit may put the blocks on it.

    You'd still be called a hat if you made it tho, :D
  3. can you change job choice during phase 1?
  4. I don't know, but I meant as in if you were already with your unit and decided you wanted to have a go.
  5. Youve not a f*cking scooby what you want to be have you ? You have commited to the Rifles, get yourself in, get some experience, close mouth, open ears and a couple of years down the line after a tour, an overseas ex and a few nights out make a choice to change, if you batter on in training about Para/Commando ect you'll look a complete beefer, you have got a big life change coming up, dont clutter your head with this b*llocks mate trust me :D
  6. bataz,you are entitled to apply,whether your unit lets you go is another matter
  7. I wish you'd stop sitting on that fence reni :D
  8. I know, doesnt make me many pals !!
  9. gungethree do u know if ya can change your job choice at phase 1?
  10. You're wrong pal, i do have a f*cking scooby what I want to be. I'm 100% commited to The Rifles. I'm not saying I want to transfer to paras, i'm asking if it can be done. As your post said "close mouth, open ears"
  11. It must be the weather, everyones an arsey fecker atm!
  12. My lord, you are a sensitive little soul arent you ?! You can bleat on all you like about PCoy this AACC that, you have more pressing engagements ahead, but what would I know ? :D Have a coke and a smile you lemon ! Your in for a lot worse soon x x x x

    Edited to add : course it can be done, anything can 'be done' in terms of keeping guys in on strength as opposed to saying no and running the risk of a perfectly capable bod not rejoining. Your still a beefer

  13. This guy makes alot of sense.
    My theory is you've made your choice
    And signed your contract. Infantry is
    Alot of people's 1st choice job. Id be
    Very grateful to be in the position your in.
    ONce your contract expires, Everythings an
  14. This thread was started as a question in general. At no point have I said that this is what i want to do, people have just made the assumption and thats led to their negative comments, just a shame that some people have the natural tendancy to be negative. On a more posotive note I have had my question answered and i now look forward to starting at ITC Catterick and going on to serving with The Rifles.
  15. Good lad, train hard, listen, learn, screw your nut, good drills, good admin and one day you may get a bit of sky in your pocket young man.