Transferring to Parachute Regiment.

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Bob-Palmer, Feb 27, 2012.

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  1. Does anyone know if the Parachute Regiment are actively recruiting at Pte level from wihin the Army? If anyone has a POC that may be able to give me some advice with the transfer that would be great.

  2. What regiment are you in at the moment? I know several people who've transferred to the Paras, all but one had already served with the Guards Independent Parachute Platoon before making the move across.
  3. If any Paras are reading this, I was told a Sgt (REME I think) had passed the AAPC (not sure where in his career) and transfered as a Sgt into the paras? Is this possible?
  4. Royal Engineers crow_bag, So with your last in mind you think it shouldn't be too much of a problem? I can imagine PRAC is a definate too unless I am mistaken?
  5. Speak to your RCMO, he'll have all the answers.
  6. Yup, will do when I get back to Unit, thanks anyway crow bag.
  7. There shouldn't be any probs mate, you'll probably have to do phase 2 and P Coy at Para Depot,to up your Inf skills.

  8. I've seen many REME SNCOs pass the courses & posted on to Bn strength.....But as REME not as REGT.
    It is possible......but I've never heard of a REME bloke going that way!

    A name....could be checked out!

    I know a Slop Jockey who had his wings, & he went 7RHA as ARTY not hotplate flunkey!
  9. A REME Crafty did the same from my unit a few years back. As Gungy states, he had to go to CIC and joined a Para Plt at about (but don't quote me) week 16. IIRC.

    You will do bits of basic again, because either the Combat Infantryman Course or the Para course (CIC and P Coy) layout doesn't provide a clean cut between ph1 and 2. But it shouldn't be a drama.
  10. I've forgot the name it was ages ago, someone else (Who had done the AAPC) told me about it, he said he wasnt popular because he took a promotion away from someone who had been in from the start.
    I just wondered if its possible or even likely. I know you can't join the booties unless you do the proper RMC course (or you have the abilty to suck a football through a garden hose).
  11. I know a R.SIGS guy who transferred to Para Regt, as Gungy said, he went to ITC(C) and completed PCoy, not sure if he had to do the entire CIC or joined a Plt at some point through the course.
  12. I knew an RA lad who transferred, fittest bastard I've ever met, think it was phase 2 and P Coy.

    Last seen in a fell runners magazine looking mince in tiny shorts and singlet on some jock mountain.
  13. 3 blokes from 216 have done it all different ways, one left and rejoined, one via the sigs platoon and one via the pathfinders
  14. No. He would most likely revert to corporal (but keeping Sgt pay) and with a little infantry experience under his belt be loaded onto PSBC.
  15. Never heard of that one. I would have thought that it is highly unlikely that at Sgt level the REME guy would have been qualified to do an infantry job (Juniors and Seniors being a requirement in my day for any Sgt).

    I did know a guy who was a REME JNCO attached to 2 PARA who was later commissioned into the Parachute Regiment.
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