Transferring to PARA from Regt

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Rocky Ballboer, Aug 26, 2010.

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  1. Iv been trying to find some info out for ages from my admin office but as usual they are pretty crap which is half the reason i am wanting to get out of the raf they're like civvies in uniform and don't understand what being in the military is all about. I have been wanting to join PARA since i was a kid but my dad talked me out of it cos he said they were all meetheads wich at the time i listened to him but now i have seen how the real men work i want to do the rite thing and join which is what i should of done in the first place.
    I need to now if i rebadge to para what courses do i have to do or do i just change my hat and rock up to Battalion lol. I have been in six years and have done two tours so i dont need any help with nowing about that sort of stuff.

    cheers guys, jim :thumright:
  2. Oh i am badged as well forgot to mention
  3. Might be worth contacting para regt HQ as i presume ultimately it will be up to them. If theres anyone on here whos done it before theyll probably be along shortly
  4. Rocky, this week showed record 'pass' rates for GCSE, apparently an F is now a pass.........this shit£ baiting exped however would still be a fat Freddy. Must try harder......
  5. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    badged what?
  6. i think he is trying to say he is from the 'real' 2 para!
  7. I think that it is more likely that he is not really in the RAF at all, sorry if I spoilt the surprise........
  8. I know i just like to get a good ticking session going about rock apes!
  9. Shock horror! No wah, ticking? Is that a Yorkshire saying? No wah
  10. No mate im from Belfast its an Inf saying as in, turrets syndrome people swear like fvck the medial term for when they start gobbing off is ticking.
  11. Got it that makes sense, it was always a favourite saying of a Dukes officer I knew.
  12. Wah.......
  13. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    He's a badged - up trumpet blower, thats what he is. Poor wind up.
  14. Rocky,

    Why dont you PM Fallschirmjäger, I'm sure he will fill you in.
  15. whats your problem johnnypaveway i asked a simple question you turd. whats up with you anyway i came here for advice and you talk shit. if the question is too hard i guess i should wait for someone who is not a meethead and has a clue.

    as for badged yes i have my wings so it should be easyer i think?

    i will call para hq do you have the number mate i can call them before the weekend unless they will be nocking off early