Transferring to Oz

Does anybody know the procedure for transferring to the australian army or where i could find the right information?

Any help would be gratfully recieved.
cuckingfunt said:

Best of luck finding Australia Mac :roll:
Wouldn't it be a bummer if those who have joined the Ozzies, got sent back to us on Longlook :roll:

There is no such thing as transferring to the Australian forces.

You have to leave whatever force you are in before you can go over to Oz.

I have been in contact with the relevant department in Australia and they recommend you start the application process at least 12 to 18 months before you are due to leave.

They tend to recruit from SNCO and above with the possiblity of you going down by one rank when you arrive (although not always) In exceptional circumstances they may recruit from those below SNCO depending on trade etc.

Have a look on the Australian Defence Force website for all the necessary information.

However for those who are interested then this address might help out.

Overseas Transfers
PO Box 225
Australia 3225


The Australian Army Overseas Transfers are only open to people that are currently serving or have previous military service with a foreign defence force and meet the skills required by the Australian Army.

Good Luck

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