Transferring to Commonwealth Army - How difficult is it?


I, like many others in this glorious Corps am getting p1ssed off with the amount of Op tours that have been coming our way since, ermmm... Grapple 1992. Yes they are trying to expand the nos by 40% to ease the pressure on individuals and their families but we will not see the benefit of this for years. I myself am about to embark on another tour which will be my second within 10 months (breach harmony guidelines? - erm..yes, but what the f+ck, lets all write a penalty statement) . The grass is always greener and all that but i am seriously looking at transferring to either the Aussie or NZ Int Corps. I know it can be and has been done very succesfully. Anyone got any advice / experience in this?


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Make sure you research it properly! I am in contact with the Aussie ICA Sec and know that they are equally operationally busy. The Canadians are providing a equally high proportion of their troops to Afghanistan.


The terms of Transfer are pretty c**p ARAI but there have been a fair few that I know of in the last 5 years. With the NZ Int Corps the best way to do it is apply on line through the Commonwealth section.


The NZ and AUS (and even US if you want!) exchange officers are based in Brackenbury Wing in Chicksands. They are the focal point for anyone considering transfer.

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