Transferring to CMT from RAC

Evening all

Im currently in the armoured corp and am looking to transfer to RAMC as a CMT.

Does anyone know it there is a waiting list to join as a CMT at present?
And/or will it effect me as im already in the army and not a new recruit joining, just transferring between corps.

Obviously im goin to discuss this with my careers officer at my current reg but was hoping to find out before to avoid dissapointment.

Many Thanks
Probably best to return to school first so as not to shock the medical world with your appalling grammar and grasp of the Language.
lol cheers for that. Dont really know wots wrong with it but oh well.
U got nothing better to do than go on people posts doin a spell/grammar check?
I don't know if there is a waiting list or not, there are others on this forum who can advise you more accurately than I can, but I can tell you that these things tend to take time anyway.
I would recommend that you make best use of any waiting time by exploring the possibility of an attachment to a Medical Regiment for a few weeks, so that you can get a good look at what you are getting yourself into. This happens quite commonly for people looking to transfer in from Inf, Eng, RAC or wherever. It will help you to make a more informed career decision.

Best of luck mate.
Good ideas above.

Do you have any previous medical experience? Team Medic cse for example. It might be worth trying to get on a TM course if possible, or at least spend a couple of weeks in your Med Centre if not already done so.

I have no idea about time lines or availability of CMT Trg but you are more likely to succeed if you are well prepared/advised.
Many thanks for the above replies.

There should be some team medics courses available when i get bak from leave so will try get on one. Being sent to a med reg for a couple of weeks sounds good too so will ask and see wot they can do for me.


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