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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by nursedoris, Mar 4, 2010.

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  1. I am currently a nurse in the Navy and am looking at transferring to the Army. I owe the Navy one year payback from a course and am unable to find clarification on the transfer process. Is anyone able to please advise me what i need to do, and if i am able to carry the years liability over to the Army without having to serve the payback.
  2. one question - why?

  3. more opportunities in the Army, better postings, fairer promotions.
  4. Be honest - you just like tents, don't you!
  5. Ever heard the expression the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence?

  6. Go on the intranet and find details for the RAMC and see if you can track down the CRLO who should be able to provide you accurate info. There may also be detail on the web (army website), but you can search that yourself.
  7. copepod

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    More nurses in QARANC than RAMC these days...
  8. Don't know what the procedure is these days............... 1970 they stopped my tot so I went into Pompey Barracks and handed my kit in, next day nipped down to the Army recruiting office, medical followed by swearing in, signing on for the duration, day's pay and back to the same unit sans beard and different cap badge. Promoted to nco on the spot by the CO and got an army Number 4 days later. No basic, no drill [never could do army drill and never really needed to] and time counted continuously for pension. Given the rules, regulations, H&S, PC and admin bollux these days I suspect it would be something different. No regrets.
  9. Forgot to add that I had a brilliant RAPC Sgt who 'magicked' it all smoothly.
  10. It happens - one of my medics came over from the RN. Kept his dolphins too
  11. I think it's all run through their HQ though, it could even be all under the umbrella of AMS. I'm not an SME - just trying to help as others had just seemed to take the mickey.
  12. thanks whingeingpom