Transferring to Army career from civvie employment...

Hey guys,

Yet another question from myself, DEWANE. This time it is a little complicated. Here are the facts:

-Im looking for full time work

-I work part time at a workplace
-The place im working at has no full time vacancies

-I have been offered an interview at a new place which is full time

Now. If i take this new job; which i REALLY want to in the meantime of waiting for my phase 1 then i presume i would have to declare i am joining up otherwise i could be liable for training costs etc as well as getting a poor reference. Besides i dont want them to think im going to be permanent if i know im not.

So, my overal question is DO I TELL THEM? and if yes, WHEN? Also, WHAT DO I SAY?

hmmmm thats a tricky one DEWANE but i think you should just be honest and tell them , youll probably not get the job right enough!!
Dont tell them, until youve passed ADSC you wont know whether or not you can join the army. When youve got a phase 1 date, then tell them.
I am officially telling my employer I am leaving when I have to give my notice (4 weeks from leaving). Why give it sooner and risk them dropping you if they find someone straight away?
Yes I agree about not telling them until you have definately been accepted (even if you are pretty confident) as even on the front of the application notes it says not to tell employers until you have a formal offer of joining.
Therefore if they have a problem with that you can just say the army told you not to and it should be left at that .
Good luck with your next ADSC

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