Transferring to a Lower Pay Band Question

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Blue_On_You, Jun 10, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,

    Some time ago I transferred from TA R Signals (CS Op.) to TA RAC (CVRTcrew). As the more astute amongst you may know, this means that I went from a higher pay band, to a lower pay band.

    The thing is, when I transferred, I was told that I would be entitled to a 2 year "grace period" on my previous higher pay to allow me to retrade. This never happened and I'm currently chasing it up.

    I have never actually seen this anywhere in writing and am wondering if I was just told a load of bollocks.

    Can anyone in the know please confirm of deny the existence of such a grace period and where I might find it in writing?

    - Cheers
  2. What was the reason for your transfer? If purely through personal choice you are not entitled to mark time rates of pay!

  3. Regiment was disbanded. Part of the great 12 Sig Group axe!
  4. Have a look at JSP 754 page 13 I believe all the answers are there. Our Fin Clerk sorted it out for me top lass and lovely too!
  5. As per above this is from JSP if it helps your unit. HR:

    Transfers from Higher to Lower Range

    03.1108. Where an individual transfers from a trade paid from the higher range to one paid from the lower range the individual may retain the rate of pay in issue on a Mark Time Rate of Pay (MTRP) basis (see Section 1). The entitlement to a MTRP applies only where the individual changes trade for:

    a. Medical reasons outside their control;

    b. Service reasons (not as a result of inefficiency or unsuitability);

    c. In response to a Service request for volunteers to change trade or for other manning considerations to aid retention.

    03.1109. A MTRP commences at the end of employment in the former trade. An individual will remain on this rate until they have gained the necessary criteria to entitle them to a higher rate of pay on the relevant range for their trade/rank. However, the maximum period an individual will remain on a MTRP will always be either:

    Two years, or;

    b. The period of the conversion training plus 6 months:

    whichever is the greater.

    03.1110. On reversion to pay in the lower range, the full period of paid reckonable service in rank, including that whilst in receipt of the MTRP, is to be taken into account when determining the IL the individual is to be moved to on the lower range.

    03.1111. Service Manning Branches will notify individuals of the appropriate period of pay protection. At the end of this period, the individual
  6. Thanks a lot guys, you've really helped me here.

    Come claim a beer if you're ever in York.
  7. Actually I am, what's your unit?
  8. Check your PMs, though it wouldn't be that hard to work out on the info I've given here!