Transferring to a different cap badge.

Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by Sean63airbornesqn, Jul 3, 2012.

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  1. Im due to get promoted this year to Lcpl in the rlc, the trouble is that I do not like the job I do and I'm thinking about transferring to 4 rifles. If I do pick up rank and do my mpc courses or even jnr Brecon. Would I still keep my rank if I transfer?
  2. a) What trade are you?

    b) Have you had a posting outside 13 LSR? (ie have you got any more experience of the Corps other than log runs round Colly and CLPs in Afghan)

    c) Have you considered changing trade within the RLC instead? Or going to a more exciting unit?

    d) If you've been selected but not wearing, it's unlikely you'll retain the selection for LCpl.
  3. I'm a driver, I'm posted to Warminster in September I have had a look but I don't like any other trade, I want more of a challenge to be fair
  4. Have you looked into the Inf closely...I mean REALLY closely. Spoken with people in it and everything else...ever wondered why lots of them re-badge..?

    Have you looked at AT...or indeed get a taste of that kind of challenge with a posting to 11 EOD as a No.2?

    I'm not usually one to big the Corps (indeed I've signed off, disillusioned as hell) up but I can see why a junior Dvr trade chap would see their trade as a bit **** and see greener grass over every fence - look inward first - I know the Inf talk a good game and have (one of?) the most exciting jobs on Ops but in peacetime, it's a lot of sitting around getting fucked about.
  5. The grass is always greener on the other fellow's grave...
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  6. Its hard to retrade to AT or even get a posting to 11eod. It was even hard to get a posting out of 13aasr. But I will look into it thanks.
  7. Wait until Thursday. There may only be one capbadge from then.
  8. I don't see the whole infantry merging into one cap badge.
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  9. They were crying out for people...

    But anyway, hard = challenge and that's what you said you want so you'll be mad for it! ;)

    Getting out of 13 LSR was a good your next challenge is to stay away from Abingdon!
  10. I can see you have had a terrible experience in Abingdon?
  11. Too busy avoiding it...that is to say, I haven't heard of anyone that has had a good experience in Abingdon!
  12. Just make sure that you wear whatever cap badge it is, over your left eye. Nothing is more important!
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  13. I may be wrong, nowadays, but when I was in I believe you weren't allowed to transfer to a trade grouping lower than your own - you could only try for one of a similar or higher status than the one you were employed in.

    Anyway, by the time of the next Strategic Defence Review (probably next week) I've heard that all Infantry Battalions are to lose their titles and we go back to the old numbering system where its so much easier to absorb further losses simply by changing the numbers as they did in the old days prior to 1881.
  14. Idle hands are the devil's tools - fortunately a plethora of cqms fatigues, block jobs & locker / room inspections atone for the sins of the weekend (mainly trashing the block) :)
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  15. sorry to hijack this thread briefly but i am currently midst transfer and am having difficulty in finding out how my transfer is progressing i have just signed my acceptance of conditions of voluntry transfer and was wondering how far along the process this would be i do know that my current corps have given permission for me to change trades but don't know what stage the RLC are at with it.

    any help would be appreciated.