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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mag_to_grid, May 27, 2010.

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  1. At the minute, I am seriously on a downer about the TA. I wont go into the exact reasons why but I am at the stage now where I just dont want to be in the unit anymore. I would leave however I would like to go on tour again and I dont think I have got the military out of my system yet having previously served 9 years in the regs.

    My question is, has anyone else transferred after being on a bit of a downer with their then current unit and then found that they have got their enthusiasm back?
  2. There's quite a few in our lot who came in for similar reasons and they seem quite happy now.
  3. Mate where do I start. I was in the royal signals for about 1 and half years as a trained radio operator. Going through recruit training was a buzz but after passing out it was a massive anticlimax, all we did on drill nights was sweep garages and clean radio systems. I was not happy they were holding me and others back. The time came were I had the bottle to speak to the chain of command and go to the infantry. Best move I have ever made. Had to do the infantry recruit training side of things buts that's what I love. After finishing done some gucci training exercises and live firing packages. I'm now deploying on herrick 15 and got loads of good courses to go on in the future. What capbadge are you and what's on your mind if you want to transfer?
  4. And where are you?

    If you just want to get away from the TA for a bit but don't want to go immediately to another unit you can always transfer to the UPL.
  5. Im in the NW and im RMP and I was previously RMP regular for 9 years. Ive been looking at 4 Para and 4 Lancs, I dont mind taking a reduction in rank or doing more training however not sure if the body can take P Coy however im at the stage now that if I dont have a go I never will. I was going to do it a few years ago but got injured in car accident.
  6. At the risk of being wahed here (wouldnt be the first time). What is the UPL?
  7. The Unposted List. Its administered by APC and is basically a waiting room for soldiers and officers that are between units for a period of up IIRC 2 years. Once you find a new unit you then transfer from the unposted list back into the TA rather than having to discharge and re-enlist.
  8. wished I had knew about that
  9. Have you considered Military Stabilisation Support Group (MSSG)?
  10. Ok I started off with RSigs unit, thing about when I joined there was a waiting list for recruits courses so I ended up going on two week exercise as a NFQ, absolutely loved it, loved the two weeks at Catterick even more, always said it was the best two weeks of my life, got back to unit then they dropped a bombshell that the Radio Relay Troop was being renumbered and reroled (we had two troops at our unit) so we lost a triffid and gained a TEB and TEV. It was then I noticed how clicky the troops were becoming, made worse by the fact that both troops were made up of couples, Eventually decided to jump elsewhere, although my SSgt did have a word about me leaving and said that i did fit in well with the unit....

    I went to a specialist RMP unit..... to say it wasn't what I was expecting was a big under statement, didn't get to see how they operated or the type of people they had, 7 months after I had passed the recruits course my first introduction to RMP was two and half weeks doing everything again, apart from that it wasn't as tough or fun.

    No real basic infantry skills were taught and I discovered the RMP was absolutely clueless about cam and concealment of vehicles ("we are not trying to hide from the enemy just stop them from seeing what type of unit we are" - oh sure!)

    The DS hadn't any real experience of TA, most of the recruits were coppers who had seen an advert in police review, they were expecting to do minimum effort and get top wack bounty for two and half weeks (the HQ had other ideas and wacked two weeks exercise onto this as well!) before buggering off and not turning up again, they had failed to understand that the first year was about £200.

    Seriously never met a bigger bunch of bad attitude muppets in all my life.

    The units were badly organised and run, promotion seemed to go to women who were willing to sleep with the Permanent Staff/Seniors.

    In the end I ended up transferring to a Independent RMP unit. With hindsight I should have give the RMP a miss, at the time I was mega fit and could run a BFT in 18 minutes, lived within traveling distance of a Cdo Engineer unit, really wished I had given it a go.

    So my advice is, look before you leap, have a good nose at the unit you are thinking about and see how you will fit in, definitely try and get a weekend away with them if possible.
  11. Yes I fell foul of a PSI for some reason unknown to me, ~ I was made to silly, kept out of the loop, they messed me around over camp (more than normal)

    I was on downer, but didn't want to leave, still feel bitter as the head shed forced me out, transferred and was shafted on Rank, after 6 years am still one rank below when I transferred (even though what they did is against regs)

    But not messed around as much, treated like an adult most of the time, had a good Afghan tour.

    So apart from still being bitter, am a lot happier
  12. Give it a go, you'll be regretting never attempting it later.
  13. You could always discharge and go RMR if you can hack the PT. They have dets in Manchester and Liverpool. You can transfer directly but by the sounds of it your unit's admin is up its arrse so would probably be easier to discharge if you choose this option.

    They have a potential marines course running 3-5 Sep and can be contacted on 0800 783 9529.
  14. That is a good idea that I hadnt really thought of. I am quite fit still (Pft in 9-930) however I keep getting silly injuries through overtraining.

    The Military Stabilisation Support Group also sounds like something that could be interesting.

    It would be good to do something that is releveant to current ops rather than something that is relevant only to the cold war which never turned into a hot war and never disturbed people's mess lives.
  15. Mag to Grid


    Get Rid.