Transferring to 47 Regiment- Advice please?

Evening all. I'll try and get to the point with this, forgive me if I fail!

Basically, I am currently a corporal in an RAC regiment based in Germany. I want a change of career as I'm not happy what I'm doing but don't want to leave the Army, and at the moment I feel pretty certain that 47 Regiment is it. I am a southerner myself, and my fiancee lives on the south coast, so the location is ideal for starters, but also the job.
I am tired of both Germany and Challenger 2, which I am due to return to, and need a change in my life. I feel that I have skills that could be transferable (all Bowman'ed up, signals repair NCO, recce commander- fully qual'd on CVRT, the usual op experience), and that the move to a nil arms plot unit would be best for the stability of both myself and my family.

I was wondering, how would the transfer process affect pay and rank? As I said, I am a corporal, and as a commander I sit on the higher band pay scale- if I were to transfer, what would the chances be of me keeping my substansive rank, and what pay scale does a bombardier in 47 sit on?
If my transfer was successful, are trade courses done at regimental level, or would I be looking at getting papped off to a phase 2 ATR?
Finally, and most importantly of all, are 47 regiment actually accepting transferees, or is manning to such a level that they are not? No wah, honest! :wink:

Thanks for any responses from any gunners, and in particular to any members of 47 who may be able to PM me with any info/ advice.

Just PMd you
Assaye.Gunner said:
Bloody hell you get everywhere :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

End of mission AG
Well, you know how it is- got to build up the int before commiting to a plan :wink:
django_strikes said:
12 Regt are co-located with 47 now and are basically the same...
I was aware they were at the same location, but I thought that their job was identical to that of 47 regt.
Other than the regiments numbers, are there any major differences between the two? Have they both taken on MUAV as a tertiary task, or is that only 47 regt?
I'm in a similar situation myself, currently serving in the RMP in Germany ex TA rapier gunner wanting to move accross to 16 Regt RA, how will this affect my rank and pay?
gorilla said:
I'm in a similar situation myself, currently serving in the RMP in Germany ex TA rapier gunner wanting to move accross to 16 Regt RA, how will this affect my rank and pay?
So let me understand you a little more clearly, as I am a dim and simple sort of bear...

You were a TA Rapier person (no-one's perfect), who then joined the Regulars (good lad) and went RMP (clearly bright as well); are now in Germany and you want to come back to the UK and are actually seriously thinking of joining an Air Defence Regiment?

I need to go and have a lie down somewhere cool and shady for a bit.
Flash4Freedom said:
47 Regt have MUAV role until Apr 09, then responsibility shifts to 12 Regt for 3 tour rotations. After that, who knows.
Thanks for that, clears things up a little for me.
Thanks for all the help you gave me guys, sorry I've been so long getting back on this!
I did a lot more digging around, speaking to different people from the regiment, phonecalls and emails, and my mind is all made up.

My paperwork has all gone in, first choice is 47 and second choice is 12, and it is getting put to the RAC desk this Monday coming, by hand.
Hopefully not too long before I hear some news back from that!
I'll keep you updated as to how I get on.

You will probably be assigned to 12 as they are the main manning effort with MUAV ops starting in Apr 09. The MUAV orbat is JNCO heavy so I am sure you will be snapped up. Both Regts tend to backfill each other and 12 are rather more strapped than 47 for manning after their move from Germany.

Good luck,


Thanks for that, PP- I can't really see that I will have any dramas if it is 12 that I am picked up by rather than 47 on transfer, as from what I am aware the only main difference between the two is the existence of 21 Bty. I must admit, that holds no interest to me whatsoever- I much prefer waiting for aircraft to land before my departure from it takes place. ;)

It does leave me thinking though, I want to get myself back out on tour and back soldiering, so 12 Regt would appear best for that- However, I also want to make sure I am up to speed as a HVM soldier as soon as I can, to at least be on the game so far as the CAD role is concerned, as I see that as the main job. Obviously with the current operational climate, MUAV training is more relevant to current ops though.
In your opinions, would it be a better move to try and push for my HVM courses upon arrival, or leave that to the back burner and focus on getting the MUAV skills squared away? Could it also be however, that this is all just me thinking I have rather more say than is realistic about what will be decided for me?

I just don't want to make the mistake that I have seen made by transferees in the past of tipping up at a new place of work, and never really getting up to speed at the new skills, and consequently never really fitting in with the lads- I want to do the very best I can in the Royal Artillery, regardless of my time being in 12 or 47 regiment- I am just curious which route is best to focus on getting through first to give the right impression from the kick off.

Feel free to PM any reply to me if you don't want to go into too much detail on the forum.

Dutch,as a long serving member of 12 regt,17 years in the same bty. It dosent matter which regt you goto as long as you turn up with the right frame of mind and be prepared to work hard and play hard you will fit in just fine,dont worry about course,fair enough read up on HVM but your course will come in time and before you know it you will be in BATUS wreaking the praire up(pardon my spelling),no matter which Regt you head to drop into 58 Bty MT just to say hi,good luck mate
Ta for the reassurance radar, just how I thought things would be.

Once I'm over, I'll be sure to pop by for a brew- 2 sugars and milky for me mate. :wink:
Well, what to say? It has been a bloody long time since I last logged on here!
I have been fighting what seemed a losing battle, dramas with seniority dates, promotion, current ERE details, officers I have needed to speak to being away constantly, but about 5 months on I have recieved the news I've been waiting for.
Basically, I have been accepted to transfer to 47 regt- Just need to wait up on the paperwork arriving in the mail, sign it off and send it back.
I'm on ERE at the moment, and have been told that I wont move until my current unit replaces me in post, so it seems I am expecting to be in Thorney around late April, early May.

Just wanted to say a quick thanks to you guys that helped me out on this thread, and those that PM'd me, it was all very much appreciated and extremely helpful!

All the best, and thanks again.

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