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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by dannyboy99, Oct 26, 2011.

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  1. Hi, i'm currently at 2 sigs and been here for a year now. Just wondering if can attempt p company straight away or would I have to wait a couple of years, when I am allowed to transfer. Also what would happen if I got injured and didn't complete p company, would I get RTU'd? I hear a few people serving in 216 who haven't even passed p coy, and I wouldn't want to be one of those people.
    Has anyone got any information on pre para? Is there much more to the course than just fitness?... exercises, mil skills?

  2. Phone them up its not hard and its alot easier and quicker than doing it on here trust me regards JJ
  3. Go on ArmyNet and look up 216. Most of the info will be on there. Put your application as soon as you are comfortable that you are ready. If you don't hear anything after a month or so, submit another and follow up with either a phone call or an email, or letter if you are not in a position to do either of those. If you keep getting stone walled, ring the training wing of 216 and explain your situation. If you don't hear anything for a while, get in touch, don't leave it to your chain of command to sort (Unless they are ex-216/264 themselves). My application was filed into the bin section by my troop sgt 3 times, and when I spoke with 216 (fair enough this was when they were in Aldershot) the trg SNCO told me to resubmit and if I didn't hear anything in a month to ring again and they would get me there in a week. This was because "Unfortunately the Corps is full of jealous ******* who are quite happy to 'disappear' applications because they (the troopies) never got the chance themselves, more often than not because they were fat *****" Mine was. By the time I was in a position to do something about it, I'd been badly mashed up in a RTA in Province and missed my opportunity. So, to sum up, apply then call. That way when they get your application, they should've remembered you from the phone call
  4. There are signallers serving in 216 who have not passed p-coy, it happens. Best of luck passing but if you do you'll still be bottom of the pile for Jumps I'm afraid. You're pre-para should be preceded by a brigade beat up. In short, you do your unit phys, then go onto a brigade beat up, then hit p-coy. So there is the potential to be hugely shagged when you hit test week. Give em a ring and good luck.
  5. 1) Fill out your PD206 Annex M at your Training wing and get them to send it to Training wing 216 where you will be loaded on the next available course, which is January.
    2) Get yourself a fit to attend medical.
    3) Ensure you get a copy of all the paperwork and send it to Colchester yourself, just incase any application gets "lost".
    4) Dont go on the Emperor over Christmas leave, smash out phys and be prepared to hang out of your clacker for six weeks in the new year.
  6. You missed out:

    5) If you get onto test week, do not go on the lash as you will end up swamping your pit. A'int that right mate?
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  7. Danny, do all thats been said apart from putting 216 on your PPP once you pass. Someone will tell you, you need to get posted there to get you wings - you dont. You will get you wings much quicker at 14 sigs and enjoy your self there its a much better unit. Ask anyone thats at 216 just now and they will confirm this for you. Good luck
  8. Oh didn't realize you could pass p company and not have to go to 216. Why is 14 sigs a better unit than 216 anyway? Thanks for all the responses so far.
  9. I thought 216 was called 18 now. Or is that 264?

    14 sigs is tops. They had 3 inches of rain there in 6 hours on Tuesday. Real men only need apply!
  10. Sure it wasn't Monday???
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  11. Most days that end in a Y
  12. All, I believe ;-)
  13. I take it 216 Sqn is equivalent to our 152 and/or 126 Sig Sqn (Aust. Army)?
  14. You have started to think for yourself and have therefore become dangerous, in certain situations people would shoot you rather than you become a risk to all.
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  15. No you can pass it from most units. I waited over 2 years to get my wings where i had friends who went to 14, got promoted and got them alot quicker than i did. Sadly the units gone down hill due to a mixture of reasons and itsnt getting better so my advice would be to avoid.