transferring tech storeman

Discussion in 'REME' started by toonman, May 22, 2007.

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  1. im thinking of transferring to reme tech storeman job, and was wandering if anyone has any info about this job.
    *If its easy to get into
    *are they on higher/lower band?
    *do you loose rank
  2. Toonman,

    PM me and I can give you the phone number to the guys that would train you, if you are accepted.
  3. I know of a Cpl A mech who transfered to the tech storeman trade. He completed his basic and was told that he would keep seniority and be fast tracked on a class 1. A few years down the line----he was still waiting his class 1 and still a Cpl. He was informed that he started at the same promotion/trade place as the Cfn on his basic course.

    Things may have changed over the past 5 years, I would ask your RCMO to look into it for you, better to keep you in the Corps in a different CEG than loose you to another Arm. I thiunk they are on the lower pay band too?
  4. Tech Stmn pay is the same as other Artisan trades in the REME. Cfn Lower band, L/Cpl-Sgt Higher band and then Lower up to WO1. Cfn who transferreed from the RS role are having to wait the full 4.5yrs from their Class 3 to their Class 1, unless a letter is sent to records to request an early class 1 by their OC which could be up to 6 months earlier. But I don't know on re-trades who already have a rank
  5. Said Cpl is now a Stripey. Matregs is correct with regards pay ranges. Better than an All-arms Inf/Cav type store wallah gets, though, and so it should be. Much maligned though storeman are, try getting someone else to run G4 accounts correctly.Career stoppers for COC if it all goes pete tong.Not a bad job, like everything else nowadays, it depends on where you are and what your doing.
  6. Everyone coming through the gates of SEME for a re-capbadge reverts to CFN, if only for the duration of the course.