Transferring Regiments after training


Hi all,

I posted on here a little while about joining the Para's straight away, anyway, I went to the careers office and the officer told me that I could join up as anything then transfer into the Para's after I'd done training.

My question is ; How long after i've passed out can I transfer into the Para's? Is it worth me spending another 3-4 months of civvy street practising and practising my 1.5miler in order to get it to the required standard? or going into the army, getting trained by the army then trying to transfer into the Para's?

Any information on transferring regiments would be fanatastic.




I have a similiar question:

could someone who is serving in a line infantry regiment (been through Catterick) apply to do P-company, pass, and then join 2 or 3 PARA?

Even though their training time and standards at Catterick would have not been the same as if they had gone 2ITB and the Parachute Company within it (PARA Depot training)
Honestly ? If you want to be a Para, join the Paras. Simple as. Don't let some well meaning recruitment officer with a quota to fill from some other capbadge put you off what you want to do. Stick to your guns, ask for a fam visit / look at life (if you haven't had one already) and don't get fobbed off.

Also bear in mind that he may not have been talking about a capbadge change, he may have been referring to soldiers who get airborne training in other units which are used to support the Paras. They get to do P-Coy, jumps and so on but stay in their original capbadge - gunners, signallers and so on. Thing is, there's no guarantee if (for instance) you join the gunners you'll end up in the Para-roled gunner Regt.


if thats what yu really wanna do, then i wud say it wud be gud idea than to go into some thing yu didnt like and regret it afterwards..


sure he wasnt goin on about doing a trade and then go under paras?

i maybe wroung but he might off ment tht sorry if i am .
She meant wait and join the Parachute Regiment, dont just join anything THEN try to transfer.

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