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Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by jock3233, Mar 20, 2011.

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  1. I am currently serving in the army and considering a transfer to RAF police. Hopefully someone can help as I've heard so many different things.
    Can I transfer straight across or would I have to sign off from the army?
    How would my pay be affected as I have a wife and daughter and recruit pay just wouldn't cut it?
    Does anyone know what postings are open to RAF police as I know RMP only have a few postings to choose from?
  2. WHY??? Do you love stagging on that much? :)
  3. Barrier Up!
  4. Can't be any worse than shouting blades clear and pushin and pullin cabs all day
  5. I suppose if you aim low enough you can never be disappointed.
  6. Seen as ya got opinions what would yas suggest transferring to I'm all ears.
  7. Assuming that this isn't a wind up.....drop me a PM.
  8. What are you in at the moment? Trade, type of unit, etc.
    How long you served?
    Are you FE?
  9. Currently in army air corps as groundcrew done 3 n haf years and yeh FE
  10. Nothing you fancy in AAC?

    Sigs, Rear crewman, Pilot, stores, bowser mong? :)

    Why not RMP? There are loads of jobs/attachments with our red hatted oinkage.
  11. Well already a bowser mong and storeman n done ma basic sigs pilot doesn't really interest me I'd try it just for the money n opportunity but kn do that from any corps. And rear crews basically pilots baggage handler n that occasionally gets 2 have fun. Thought about rmp but supposedly better postings in raf.
  12. I hope you enjoy Prank Phone Calls.
  13. Cant get much lower than a RAF scuffer, i take it you don't have many mates in the real world
  14. You could always join the RAF Regt if you wanted to call yourself a soldier and an infanteer but know that real soldiering would be too hard AND you would get to live in cushy RAF stations where you can walt it big time, rather than in barracks like proper soldiers!
  15. I hope you're looking forward to your Class 3 Barrier Handling course.