Transferring over VM(A) or Electronics Tech


I'm finally decided to transfer over to REME. My choice is between VM(A) and Electronics Tech. What is the manning situation like for both trades and are either of them pinch point trades?

VM is a pinch point trade. TEch Elec is reasonably well recruited. On your Technical Selection Test (TST) you will need to score considerably higher than for VM, as part of the transfer process. It may also be the case that there are no Tech Elec vacancies, so even if suitable you may not be allowed to transfer.

However, this is all educated guesswork by me so best to go see your RCMO ASAP.
I thought as such. I was leaning more towards VM(A) anyway and this just tops it off. Only thing I need to know is will I need to be security cleared to be VM(A) because I've been having difficulty with this due to living abroad for awhile before moving back. Dunno if I'm going to be cleared or not because they don't appreciate blank periods.
As far as I am aware its only Armrs and some specialist techs that will need to be SC cleared, athough you would need SC for tiffy.
Always good to hear. I think by the time I'd be eligible for the tiffy course, I would have been in the UK long enough. Do you know if there is any chance of VM and Electech combining in the future? How much electrics do VM(A) get to work on?
VM & Tech Elec have little change of merging - the trades are very, very different!

With the disbandment of the Vehicle Electrician you may do more electrics than had been the case in the past. However I'm no expert. Hopefully an educated A Mech will post the answer!
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