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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by mack10, Sep 2, 2013.

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  1. I've recently became snapped with being in the infantry, and with what appears to be no chance of ops for a long time, I've been thinking long and hard about spending the last of my time somewhere else that will help in civvy street when it comes to sign off time. I was wondering if its really as hard as people say it is to tranfer to a corps, if the fact I'm only in 2 years would make it any harder, and also how I would start going about transferring. I'm thinking of moving to sigs. Cheers
  2. Spk to your RCMO, and do some research on what you want to go in to. The Royal Corps' have a few pinchpoint trades that you could go in to, that may make it easier.

    Failing that look in to 18 Sigs, completion of the SFC course would see you rebadged, and traded.
  3. Don't you need 3 years in for that? OP said he's only 2 years in
  4. No idea. There will be a DIN on it somewhere.
  5. For any variety of UKSF selection only 2 years service is needed.

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  6. I transferred the other way (Signals to Infantry after 10 years service) and it was an easy once I had informed my RCMO, everything is out of your hands after the initial process.

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  7. R Sigs is pure bullshit compared to anything in the Infantry.

    be prepared for Nametags for names, parades for parades and 5 minutes before 5 minutes before 5 minutes before 5 minutes before, aswell as Squadron Sergeant Majors (men and women who have dropped out of trade because they are usually incapable of doing their chosen trade) driving the Squadron in any direction where it will get their name in lights at the expense of trade skills being dropped in favour of basic green army infantry skills - because that is all they are capable of.

    show a Scaley a parade square and they wanna be Guardsmen, show a Scaley a field and they wanna do section attacks across it, show them a Herc and they wanna be Para's.

    get used to 'Yeomen' and 'Foremen' who wear standard issue Staffy rank slides but think the world has fallen out of their ******** if you call them 'Staff' instead of 'Yos' or 'Fos'.

    instead of being the bunch of professional communicators they should be as they are in most other nations - our Signallers are all far too busy honing the infantry skills.

    the Scaleys have some of the finest men and women (very fine women) you will ever meet, but they are led by head shed who only want their name in lights.

    fcuking embarrassing.

    Sappers seem to be squared away though.
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  8. I am sure some Sappers might disagree with you on that matter, a similar opinion to yours was also passed on the REME, by a REME tradesman.

    If the bullshit side of life does not appeal, then consider the more cerebral of the Corps. The Int Corps was heavily recruiting of late and I have met a fair few ex-inf who have made a good go of it.
    To return to the R Sigs, then the EWSO trade have a few good, interesting postings - just stay away from 14 Sigs as I imagine you will suffer the same feelings there as you do at the moment.
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