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Hi Folks,

I'm just undergoing Phase 1 training at the moment and my company has all but closed my unit. Getting down to Company HQ and back is becoming a total PITA. It's also allowed me a bit of time to think as to whether or not I actually want to stay as an infantry specialist. I'm looking around at my options (and I've got a few irons in the fire) but either way I have to do the current 6 weekends I'm on.

I'm currently on an all arms CMS course which finishes in October. I then have to hang around for another 6 weeks before I can do weekends 7 and 8 and then I've been told I'll do weekend 9 sometime in the new year but nobody can tell me when. I'm sure it's written down somewhere but nobody seems to know where.

What I'm trying to work out is if I start the transfer process, say, in the next week or so will the process complete before I should start my last 3 infantry weekends and hence free up the spot and cause anybody else the least amount of hassle.

So, what is the quickest I could transfer, it would be nice to pass out with my new units cap badge but I appreciate that might be slightly over optimistic :D

The injury you refer to was as a result of enemy action overseas, and the lad in question is doing well. Sad to say that as the injury was not very very serious, it did not make the national news.

BB, depends which chap you are on about and reports in the media. Apparently the family of one 7 Rifles chap who was wounded had asked for NO media coverage, but got some anyway in the local press.

I wonder who's cock-up that was?

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