Transferring out of Infantry

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Delta-Dog, Jan 25, 2011.

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  1. Just wanted to hear from blokes who have have transferred out of the Infantry to another corps? What did you transfer to? Why did you transfer? Was it a difficult process? Are you glad you transferred?
  2. Transferred to REME, Fancied a change, not a difficult process but took a fair while. Im glad i transferred but i do miss the infantry alot
  3. I always heard that you could only transfer to a regt more senior than the one that you served? Still true? I know a few people transfered in to my unit, but almost impossible to get out of it!
  4. hi mate i just transfered last year from 5 scots to REME. I was in dead mans shoes in my battalion plus life was shite there so i jumped ship, Took me from start to finish 9 weeks, don't know if thats because i have an RCMO who actually cares about the lads careers and holds no punches or what.

    How long have you done? What quals do you have? if you have jnr's or snr's with SAA then your laughing, i managed to get LFTT done before i transfered as REME only get a limited amount of places.

    If you need any more help then pm me and i will gladly help out
  5. Having been involved in organising a few transfers when I was an RCMO I would put the "transferring to a more senior regiment" down to classic Household Div bulls@@t.
  6. mate i would definately agree with Pling, i have never heard of not being able to transfer out, i have heard of some trades bloking you from down trading but not because of being a snr regiment, they are talking bollocks.
  7. I don't want to transfer out myself at the moment, just thinking more for the future when i get too old for infantry but still stay in in another job.