Transferring out of catterick into a trade job?

If anyone on the know could shed any light I'd really appreciate it.

I'm in week 8 infantry training at catterick and I'm getting on really well I have good reports and everything's going well except I'm just not enjoying it like I thought I would and I wish I went with my gut instinct and joined a trade job which I know I would enjoy a lot more. Ive spoke briefly with my training staff but they say ill enjoy it soon and regret leaving and in good at it etc. They also said I caoutchouc transfer anyway although I know of someone who has. When I joined i signed a declaration to say I would only be trained in my chosen job. Does anyone know if there is a way of transferring? I've been advised to go higher up or speak to the padre as he gets things done but I don't want the staff thinking I've gone over there heads.

Anyone got any experiences in this or know if it's possible??

Thanks Gixxer
your best bet is to write a letter to your platoon commander explaining why you want to transfer. dont rush it and make a good job of it or they might not take it seriously. you will probably be waiting till about week 18 onwards for anything to happen tho.
best of luck.


I would stand by for bad news. You said your self, you've signed a declaration that you understood you would only be trained in your (original) chosen job.
I'm going to speak to the lagoon commander Monday although my section commander said they won't let people they want go. I've decided I really want to go into the sappers and learn a trade as that's the sort of learning I love doing. The army's great and I've met the best lads I just think I chose the wrong job.
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