Transferring music from windows machine to Mac.


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Yes I know there's a jump to Apple thread, but it looks to contain a lot of stuff about the operating systems.
I have a clatter of tunes stashed on an elderly and slow Toshiba laptop. All in iTunes. I have a Mac air coming and would like to transfer the songs and if poss the odd doc to the Mac.
I would ask the usual suspects but I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm about to be beaten with sticks and shunned.

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Well if you have a good internet connection with lots of free data then create an account on the iCloud and sync all your music files. Login to the account through your Mac and Mac Air, that’s it all the files in iCloud will be synced and saved.


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When I bought my iMac I had the same issue. Just follow the set up instructions when you take the thing out of the box and it will do it all automatically, even my screensaver and wallpaper was migrated across automatically. The photo albums and iTunes populate automatically.
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