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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by E=MC_Hammer, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. Hi

    I'm currently transferring to a new unit and wondered if i can transfer my kit across with me or if i'll heave to get new stuff issued? Really don't want to sort out new webbing and all that. If asked my staff but to no avail...
    Any help appreciated
  2. The webbing, bergan etc belongs to the unit. Your clothing, ressy and in some cases helmet are on your flick so transfer with you.
  3. kinell.... you got issued with kit ? what real kit ?

  4. should be no problem, QM of the unit you go to issues you your kit and you give that back to your old unit. Even easier if they talk to each other
  5. When I changed units a few months back I had to give back every piece of kit including my freshly broken in boots.

    I do think it depends on the units involved as I asked the same question a while back & got several different replies so I dont think there is a set rule on this. I wonder whether my old thermal undies & socks got on ebay after I gave them back!
  6. It depends on who your transferring to and who your current qm is. Clothes, boots, etc you generally get to keep, but webbing bergan gonk bag, etc you have to give back.
  7. My old unit has about 5 TACs within 5 miles, we often saw people transfer. I used to let them keep all their kit even webbing then the new unit gives you a set of webbing etc. But as I said the other unit was not far away so I was able to go and collect it. There is nothing more jobsworth than handing in kit which you have worn in, comfortable boots and webbing to go get new stuff and start again. I would have a word with the QM of the unit you are leaving and/or transferring to and ask him the possibility.