Transferring iTunes purchases between computers - how??

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Bravo_Bravo, Apr 19, 2011.

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  1. Eh up

    I've made a few iTunes purchases on my laptop, and understand that I can also have them on another authorised computer.

    How do I do this?


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  2. By authorizing the other PC?......Install ITunes onto your new PC then authorize it, using your ITunes ID it should bring them all across....BTW I consider myself IT dangerous.
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  3. Tried tha mate - no joy.
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  4. Open, the Itunes folder under my music, find the actual files, drag them onto a hard drive and copy them over. At least thats how Ive just moved my entire Itunes library from my old laptop to my new desktop.

    Another one to try is somewhere in the Itunes menus theres the option "check for available downloads" If youve bought the music on your own account and authorised the second PC then it should re-download it (Id have thought).
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  5. I moved mine by plugging my IPOD into the other computer and then clicking transfer purchased items (or what ever the option was)
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  6. Is Boxys response to this old thread the way forward (as I'm having problems doing it)?

    My old desk top has now gone to the PC World in the sky, it's knackered.

    Am I able, in these days of modern technology, to get into my iTunes account from my laptop and bring the files over without having access to the hard drive / computer they were originally downloaded from / saved on?

    I still have the old computer but it doesn't work, at all, have I lost all me purchases and downloads?

    Any advice would be very much appreciated.

    Yours aye

  7. Simples - don't buy Apple shite in future.
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  8. Download iTunes onto your new computer and log in with your old details and enable your account on the new one, I think you can do it up to five times, before needing to deactivate it on old computers.

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  9. After you have done the iTunes as above. Go into the store, into your account and download previous purchases
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  10. Everybody gets a like, even you Joe!

    I had to change my password and answer two security questions but I've now got all of my downloads back.

    Cheers ARRSErs!


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  11. This is why I buy CDs.
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