Transferring into the Infantry

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by barbs, Jan 7, 2011.

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  1. Is it just me...?

    Or are the soldiers who are transferring in all drama cases? I have had two join us recently who just are not trustworthy, reliable or have any redeeming features. I wonder why their original corps let them go... maybe APC have to ask that question a bit more often than they do!
  2. I'm sure whatever unit they've transfered to can 'sort' them out, Scottish infantry by any chance or other unit?
  3. Yeah what unit are you mate? I know in ITC when i was there as a Pl Sjt the Jock div was taking drama cases that were getting booted from other Divs.
  4. Jock, and yes, we seem to be getting anyone who can show me where Scotland is on the map.